In Mariupol stole 380 meters of tram trolls. Wires were energized

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Employees of Ilyichevsky regional department of the city of Mariupol detained two inhabitants of the area who stole about 380 meters of tram trolls. About it reports a press - service Mariupol GU GUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

As it is noted in the message, malefactors to the senior from which 30 years, already had criminal records.

For theft they chose a site of a tram way on Novosibirskaya St., passing through the bridge. The bridge just was in a repair stage so movement on this site was temporarily stopped.

After some flights of copper trolls were cut out, malefactors clung wires to the car and towed them in the next to a forest plantation. There cut them for pieces, approximately one meter long, and took out on illegal point of reception of non-ferrous metals in the Zhovtnevy area.

"It should be noted that, despite the lack of movement on this site, the line remained energized. So pilferers were largely lucky that their resourcefulness remained without consequences", - is spoken in the message.

Having cut off a wire since one end, a grief - electricians incidentally dropped it on rails. There was a short circuit. Thus on an operator console of TTU the disturbing signal arrived. Information on damage was right there transferred to interdistrict department of GSO and to a call center of Ilyichevsky RO. The employees who have arrived to a place of public service of protection in common with combine security service of Ilyich detained on hot one of persons involved. In the same day employees of criminal investigation department of Ilyichevsky RO detained also his companion.

According to detainees, they gained about four thousand hryvnias for the illegal operations with non-ferrous metal. However the damage caused by malefactors, much more exceeds this sum. According to experts of TTU, it makes about 17 thousand UAH

Now malefactors are arrested, concerning them criminal case on h is brought. 2 Art. 185 of UK of Ukraine ("Theft") which prescribes punishment in the form of restriction or imprisonment till five years.

The investigation is carried.


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