In Ukraine continue to apply tortures and to humiliate human dignity, - N. Karpacheva.

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In Ukraine continue to apply tortures and to humiliate human dignity. About it today in time the press - to conference was reported authorized the Verkhovna Rada on human rights by Nina Karpacheva, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports. According to her, despite that the UN committee against tortures also recognizes reduction of number of similar acts against citizens of Ukraine, however to the ombudsman about 1300 addresses from, mostly, citizens of Ukraine who want to protect the honor and advantage or the relatives annually continue to arrive.

The main reason throughout use of tortures from N. Karpachev's, in particular, law enforcement agencies sees in consciousness of guards that is connected both with education from the moment of the birth, and with selection of shots. Complicates a situation, according to her, and lack of access of lawyers from the moment of detention of the person, and also not message to relatives about detention.

In turn, the adviser for human rights of the UN in Ukraine Anal Skurbati noted that on the basis of the fifth periodic report submitted Ukraine to the UN, were made both positive, and negative conclusions. To positive it referred introduction of the new Criminal code and also accession of Ukraine to the optional protocol to the UN convention against tortures. In Ukraine it carried that "torture" definition in the 127th article of the Criminal code not absolutely answers similar definition in 1 station of the convention of the UN to the negative phenomena; continuation of obtaining certificates under pressure; the maintenance of prisoners doesn't answer standards, and in army the concept "hazing" continues to exist.


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