Vinsky's ghost wanders on Nikolaev to ports. Influential businessmen sound alarm

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Despite thatIosif Vinskytwo weeks "doesn't govern a ball" because of the resignation from a post of the Minister of Transport and communication, he managed "to do" so many affairs that still local authorities and business can't calm down.

Also, as simple nikolayevets often are indignant with that the City Council distributes lands to the right and on the left, now the mayor of Nikolaev together with the largest businessmen are indignant with that Ministry of Transport squanders property of private business.

Today, on June 30, at a round table the mayor Vladimir Chaika brought together the largest businessmen of Nikolaev and the southern region as a whole. Important uncles in ties "lowered" the former Minister of Transport and Iosif Vinsky's communication as soon as could. In total having few times arrived this year to Nikolaev, ex-the minister managed "to inflate" the whole storm. Now respected persons write letters the Prime minister - to the minister and the President with requests for the help. Also, as ordinary inhabitants write requests and complaints in different instances on the builder who in the middle of the yard decided to build hotel. In any sense now the mayor of Nikolaev and the most influential businessmen traded places with "writing" grandmothers and grandfathers. Only at the first persons of the southern region not hotel in the middle of the yard build, and take away as it seems to them, lawfully bought (leased) lands in the water area of the Nikolaev ports.

It is remarkable that on a round table where this question was discussed, there was no chief of the Nikolaev sea trade port Vasily Kapatsina. After all about lands of its enterprise I there was a speech. And to it Iosif Vinsky promised to broaden the port water area. And even I started working actively in this direction.

On a round table there were the director general of the Nibulon company Alexey Vadatursky with the deputy Andrey Vadatursky, a director of shipbuilding plant JSC Damen Shipyards Okean Nikolay Romanchuk, the deputy chief of the NICKNAME Sea specialized port - TERA Sergey Yanshevsky, the shareholder of the Evrovneshtorg company Anatoly Blashchuk, the general director of UMKT "Galitsino" Valery Agafonov, the chief of the ASK "Ukrrichport" Nikolaev river port Vladimir Serbinov, the head "Transinvestservice" Oleg Kutateladze, the director "Komintern Moorings" Alexander Nutovich, the director "Credo the Ocean" Alexander Sklyar, the quick head joint activity of the specialized Milenium complex Sergey Pogorelov.

- I asked meetings with you because without support of adherents it will be difficult to us to defend a morekhozyaystvo, - the mayor Vladimir Chaika addressed to present businessmen. - We in one chain of the state relations. Your business has the right for creation in Ukraine. Conflict depth between the transport Ministry, the Cabinet and business better than nikolayevets isn't known by anybody. I want to express you gratitude that you arrived to oppose expropriation of 2009. If we don't combine efforts, it will be difficult for us to explain both to collectives, and investors that the state gathers us.

The mayor was revolted that the Ministry of transport submitted to Economic court of Nikolaev the claim with the requirement to cancel decisions of the City Council 2002, 2004.

- Any ministry hadn't legal proceedings with the Nikolaev City Council still, - the mayor told. - And if had legal proceedings, always lost. The City Council didn't test such impudence, such pokhvalstvo and impudence for 10 years. These decisions passed examinations, are registered in the Ministry of Justice. Besides, three times the prosecutor's office of the city, area and the Prosecutor General's Office checked them. And now we have to be responsible before court for those lawful decisions.

- I can tell that today there is no trust to the minister who came here, used all benefits of citizens and after that, opening the terminal, forgot that it private, - continues the mayor. - I will give to you such example. In due time the depuy corps agreed to territories of sea trade port to construct three terminals with the foreign investor. We said that 4,5 million tons of goods turnover for seaport are anything. This year the port came to 9 million tons of goods turnover.Only because we convinced then the minister that it is necessary to agree to use of these territories for attraction of investments. Investments are got, the terminal of seafood is constructed. 10 thousand tons - its capacity. Today people receive a worthy salary, all dockers are occupied, there are receipts to the budget. The fourth terminal is open the 26th. And still the minister doesn't understand that it is the territory city. Ministry of Transport considers that it is the state terminal. While the terminal - property of the investor to whom the city council agreed.

Even during the Visit to Nikolaev Iosif Vinsky was indignant with that lands which, in his opinion, have to belong to the Nikolaev sea trade port, the City Council gave the Nibulon companies. Now this enterprise seriously was engaged in creation of own fleet - the Okean plant secured the enormous order from "Nibulon" on a vessel construction. Several months ago Iosif Vinsky threatened to seize lands and to give them to seaport.

- Our enterprise achieves to work at lawfully taken away lands, - told during a round table the general director "Nibulona" Alexey Vadatursky. - But the ministry of transport interfered and blocked our investment project. I six times addressed to the Prime minister - to the minister, two times - to the President and two times - to Turchynov. All of them gave affirmative answers that Ministry of Transport will resolve an issue. But Ministry of Transport addressed in prosecutor's office, in SBU to bring against me criminal case. I couldn't tell four months anything in the justification because all this time checks lasted. Now we received the positive decision from the State Office of Public Prosecutor and from the Ministry of Justice that our enterprise works in a legislative field, and Ministry of Transport interferes with our activity. Using Strategy of development of sea transport, Ministry of Transport restrains activity of private business. We will connect all authoritative people from many cities that to remove this bill (the bill "About Seaports of Ukraine" - a bus means) the Agrarian committee of the Verkhovna Rada supported us in removing this bill and to return it on completion. Iosif Vinsky spoke to me: "I will make everything to select at you moorings, the earth of water fund". Tomorrow I will be at a meeting in the Cabinet and I will bring up this question. All of us have to unite and sound our problem - to show that in Ministry of Transport decisions not in favor of the state, and in favor of specific persons are made.It isn't dependent on the one who the minister, the situation doesn't change.

- Ministry of Transport in circumvention of Land and Water codes disposes of water areas of ports, - the deputy general director "Nibulon" Andrey Vadatursky told. - It leads to capture of the land plots. Such practice has to be stopped.

Vladimir Chaika considers that the Ministry of transport and communication has no chances to win against the Nikolaev City Council.

- Everything who went against the Nikolaev City Council - they aren't present, - the mayor told. - Went against us SBU - where that general? We know, where it. There was a chief of the sixth management - we know where, but it isn't present. When the minister went, I told him: "You went against a community".

And the head of the supervisory board of JSC Transinvestservice Alexey Stavnitser so spoke Iosif Vinskom:

- The last 15 years that I work in "Transinvestservice", to us stirred all ministries. Most socialists, especially Vinsky disturbed.

- The former minister doesn't see a difference between investors and oligarchs, - the director "Komintern Moorings" Alexander Nutovich told. - We for it - oligarchs.

The representatives who have gathered on a round table of large business decided to unite in the association which charter will be developed soon by Pogorelov, Vadatursky and Kutateladze. For now all present signed the address to the Prime minister - to the minister and the President which tomorrow Alexey Vadatursky has to hand over to addressees.

Excerpts from the address:

"Counter to law requirements issues of assignment of water areas to seaports are resolved one-sidedly, without coordination with bodies of local government and self-government and without interests of territorial communities and subjects of managing of non-state form of ownership"

"The land plots allocated in property and using of JSC The NICKNAME Sea Specialized Port — TERA and JSC Evrovneshtorg that means the actual capture of lands"

got to structure of the water area of the state enterprise "Specialized seaport "Oktyabrsk"

"At present the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine tries without coordination with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the State committee of fishery of Ukraine and local authorities and self-government "to stretch" the draft of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine "About modification in addition to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of October 22, 2008 No. 934" which provides to the state enterprise "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" in using of the channel of the water area of Nikolaev port, the Spassky channel and the water area within the land plots provided in using to certain subjects of managing which are placed in city boundaries.

The designated project doesn't consider interests of a territorial community of the city and GP "Nikolaev river port "violates the rights of land users ", by ASK Ukrrichflot, JSC the agricultural enterprise "Nibulon", etc.), isn't coordinated with bodies of local government and self-government and doesn't correspond to acts of the highest jurisdiction"

"For several years Ministrestvo of transport and communication of Ukraine specially blocks implementation of the investment project of open company the agricultural enterprise "Nibulon" concerning dredging performance on the leased land plots.

Besides, the state enterprise "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" subordinated to the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine long time evades from carrying out dredging works on the First bend of the channel of the water area of Nikolaev port which are financed at the expense of society on the basis of the contract about providing the rotary financial help"

On a round table businessmen said that don't know how to work further - after all Ministry of Transport can select their projects at any time.That "устаканить" the situation, the most influential persons of Nikolaev want to ask Yulia Timoshenko and Victor Yushchenko's opinions, hoping for sequence of actions of these heads of state.

As for Vladimir Chaika, he never responded about the minister Vinskom positively. And even when Iosif Vikentyevich handed over powers, the mayor of Nikolaev continues "to attack" the former official, alternately exulting the victory over it. It is possible it means that Vinsky still comes to political arena. And, if it happens, on ex-the Minister of Transport the mountain of questions of the third bridge not built in Nikolaev, the water area of the ports, the restored railway station merged into bus station and many other will collapse. And what then will fall upon Vladimir Chaika?


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