Prosecutor and pedophile. The prosecutor forced some years boys

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There is no place to go further! And in direct, and figuratively. On the Kuril island of Iturup the prosecutor - the pedophile is arrested …. The consequence believes that for some years not less than ten boys became its victims. And colleagues of the pervert try to appeal against legality of his arrest!

38- the summer deputy prosecutor of the Kuril area Sergey Ermakov had a reputation for nature distinguished: I was fond of the art photo, I learned Japanese.

On Kuriles it for the first time appeared in 1987 - served here the urgent. After army home, to the Urals, I decided not to come back. At first I worked in printing house, then called in militia. Four years it was disaccustomed at the Higher school of militia in Volgograd and I returned on islands. With 1999-го began to work in prosecutor's office.

Except the photo Ermakov seriously was fond of judo. In children's section in Kurilsk he was considered as someone like the trainer on a voluntary basis. I was engaged with children, even I took out the pupils on competitions on the continent. From the people close to this section, the statement also came that the trainer - the public man is engaged with children in something not to that.

Inheritance of the kamikaze

Administratively Kuril Islands treat the Sakhalin region. From It is southern - Sakhalinsk to Iturup hour to summer on "An-12". Airfield on the island the antediluvian. Locals say that it was constructed during war for Japanese pilots - kamikazes whom landing process especially didn't excite. To them the main thing was to fly up. Therefore each landing here - action still quite risky.

From the airport to Kurilsk 60 more km by car. This settlement - an administrative center of Iturup. In it with fifty one - and two-storeyed inhabited barracks and about 4 thousand inhabitants. Two main occupations at adults - fishery and alcoholism. Even Sakhalin, from where many seek to go to the continent, for курильчан - inaccessible "Continent". It is difficult to believe, but also mobile communication here still isn't present.

- the pedophile investigators carried out an inspection of the application for the prosecutor in the conditions of the most strict privacy.God forbid, names of its victims become known to neighbors - life of children in this small closed world will be forever spoiled: for the child you won't change school, you won't move to other city …

- I to the last doubted that about the deputy of the prosecutor wrote the truth, - the investigator Ivan Chibisov admitted. - Doubts disappeared when boys began to tell weepingly …

"About us to anybody words! "

As - that in the summer of 2006 9 - summer Andrey and 13 - summer Ivan (names are changed. - Page F. ) bathed in the small river. Ermakov approached to them and called on shish kebabs. Vanya knew it on judo section, and boys, without thinking twice, went. After shish kebabs went home to the new friend to drink coffee.

Ermakov lived one. Neighbors say that the wife ran away from it on the continent. It seems, it beat her. At Ermakov it was pleasant to children, and they began to happen at him almost an every day. It turned on them the laptop and looked how children play computer games. Games were different, and nurseries some of them at all. Sometimes all together watched and "adult movies".

Later few months Ermakov began to invite boys on one. Through any time I suggested Andrey to make massage. From that day at a meeting Ermakov began to kiss Andrey on a cheek.

Sessions of massage proceeded some months. Having finished a session, Ermakov went to a bathroom, and the boy sat down at the computer to play. By parting the pedophile usually gave to the child of 100 rubles and addressed: "About us to anybody words".

As women in pornofilms

Vanya went to Ermakov on other days. He heard that in Ermakov's settlement call the pervert and the pedophile. But that it means, didn't understand. I guessed only that it is better to tell about the acquaintance to it to nobody. And Ermakov hinted more than once: if you tell, anybody won't begin to be on friendly terms with you.

Wan's time long I didn't appear in the apartment of the prosecutor, but then the desire to play on the computer overcame. Ermakov too did it massage. Sometimes together watched movies in which made love not only men and women, but also men to men. Ermakov explained that anything bad in it isn't present. As - that time during such viewing the prosecutor asked Vanya to make that women in pornofilms do. The teenager cried, and the owner of the apartment hastened to calm him: "More silently, more silently, neighbors will hear". Vanya understood that he is afraid of noise, and then when Ermakov started sticking too persistently, always started shouting.

Andrey and Vanya went to the adult friend nearly two years. Both assure that Ermakov drove to himself and other boys.

To the prosecutor will be nothing

Hearings about that at the deputy of the prosecutor something not that with orientation, appeared in Kurilsk many years ago. One of vacation spots in the settlement - so-called trays. Concrete constructions in the form of bathtubs were made still by Japanese. From a volcano in them warm water flows down. Here go to luxuriate both adults, and children. Speak, once Ermakov saw in one tray together with the colleague on prosecutor's office. And casual witnesses were surprised at all that two naked men sit in an embrace (with whom, say, on excite doesn't happen), and how they suddenly jumped aside from each other when noticed strangers.

Certainly, Ermakov's neighbors knew that to him children go. Many parents knew also. But one couldn't present that the prosecutor is capable of a nepotrebstvo. Others were afraid to communicate. Heads of prosecutor's office and militia, officials of local administration in the small settlement - a caste of inhabitants of heaven. To whom to complain of them? To Moscow far, to God highly. And who could become interested in bents of the deputy of the prosecutor? Only his direct head. And at that, almost the only thing in the settlement, questions why - that didn't arise, hearings didn't reach it. By the way, and the prosecutor Tulin - the chief Ermakova - went to the same section of judo.

Even those parents who precisely knew that their children underwent violence, preferred to keep mum. The pier, to the deputy of the prosecutor all the same will be nothing, and to the son the brand of "lowered" for the rest of life will cling.

In a word, Ermakov felt all these years in perfect security.

"I hate cops! "

The Sakhalin committee of inquiry began check in the first of April. Everything went to initiation of legal proceedings. But under our laws of business in the relation of "specialsubjects" - the staff of prosecutor's office, judges and deputies - are excited by court. Meeting across Ermakov was appointed to May 2.

And on April 29 from Iturup information came that Ermakov bought a plane ticket, took from doctors the direction on treatment and gathers for the continent.

Didn't allow to depart to it. Directly at the airport police officers approached to the prosecutor and reminded that it will need to be in court. Next day operas I brought Ermakova the agenda. That was at home, but a door didn't open. Then the investigator Chibisov made the decision to bring criminal case independently.

Ermakov had a period when it left prosecutor's office and worked in area administration. With children I didn't stop "occupations" and then. Here on episodes of that time when Ermakov wasn't "specialsubject", the investigator and took out the resolution. And at the same time I made the decision on carrying out a search in the apartment. Such right in cases, being urgent, too is given to the investigator. And here just there were suspicions that Ermakov behind the closed door is engaged in destruction of proofs.

Negotiations with it proceeded more than an hour. It was audible that in the apartment water flows. Ermakov's voice sounded that normally, suddenly weakened. Several times the sound of a falling body reached. Ermakov asked on reflection of 5 minutes, then 10. At last it became clear that it simply plays for time.

When a door broke, to eyes the terrible picture opened: all corridor from a door to a bathroom is covered with blood, the knife right there rolls, too much bathtubs water …
Ermakov jumped out a window.

Then for the first time examined the apartment: on walls - pictures with nude men and women, on shelves - tubes from sex - shops.

… When falling from the second floor Ermakov didn't receive serious damages - only hurt a forehead. But it cut veins on hands and there was a big loss of blood. When police officers ran up to it, the prosecutor hissed: "I hate cops! "

On a table in the room found the suicide note, entitled "Will". In it Ermakov lists to whom his property - money has to depart, the apartment, a jeep... As then it appeared, making paper, he called potential successors to specify their passport data. Then the pedophile accepted the decision to commit suicide not as a result of second insanity …

The pedophile shouldn't be imprisoned?

It is clear that to go on a zone Ermakov didn't want very strongly. The prosecutor and the pedophile - more unpopular in places of confinement of a bouquet can't and be presented. But with a suicide it, seemingly, got excited. After all now it becomes clear that the former colleagues aren't going to leave the pervert in trouble.

However, from shock defenders recovered not at once. Under the law the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings goes the investigator to prosecutor's office - and the prosecutor has 24 hours on that to cancel it. Across Ermakov the prosecutor without delay didn't cancel the resolution.

But then for the pedophile serious fight was developed.

Already in court on May 2 when to Ermakov the measure of restraint was chosen, the regional prosecutor Tulin said that there are no bases for imprisonment. The court, however, held other opinion, and Ermakov placed - in a pre-trial detention center Is southern - Sakhalinsk.

By the way, then only it became clear that from Ermakov's prosecutor's office dismissed still on April 22. As soon as began to smell the fried. Or backdating.

… The regional prosecutor's office appealed against arrest, and the cassation instance cancelled the decision on imprisonment. On purely formal signs: in the materials brought into court there were not enough documents characterizing the personality accused. In other words, there was no characteristic from a work place. And under the law it can form the basis for reconsideration of the case.

By the way, investigators requested the characteristic in prosecutor's office three times, but the answer didn't receive. It is curious that between two reputable departments it is corresponded by mail though they take place in one building and offices of investigators and prosecutors go alternately …

All boys of the prosecutor

Incredibly, but fact: having cancelled a judgment, cassation instance of any other measure of restraint for Ermakov didn't choose. And here on May 28 the pedophile let out from a pre-trial detention center even without recognizance not to leave! Absolutely free person!

It was the critical moment in all history. Once Ermakov returned to Kurilsk, the national rumor would draw an unambiguous conclusion: I agreed! As, say, also it was expected. Means, to try on prosecutors and other chiefs senselessly. Only to yourself worse you will make.

Or he could get into the plane and depart on the continent. Whistle then for it.

However, didn't allow to be lost to it again. Directly at the exit from an insulator investigators handed over to the client the agenda with a request to be for conversation. Next day - one more, for the evening - a third. So proceeded until on May 31 on court it again didn't close. This time with the characteristic.

… Ermakov sits in an insulator. Complaints to cellmates from it doesn't arrive. It completely denies the fault. Says that it slandered out of envy to its trainer's achievements.

Investigators continue to establish victims. While charge is brought on three episodes of violent acts of sexual character concerning the obviously minor. In two cases these actions weren't finished, and they are treated as attempt.

However it is already clear that victims of the loveful prosecutor of boys was much more. In conversations all new and new surnames emerge. Someone from victims still is afraid to give evidences on the former prosecutor. Someone doesn't want to rake over the past. Others parted from Iturup, and them yet didn't find. Now the consequence believes that victims was in any way less than ten.

And the prosecutor's office of Sakhalin doesn't leave meanwhile attempts to soften a fate of blue "specialsubject" - his arrest is again appealed.


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