BP decided to reduce the term of presidential campaign

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to reduce from 120 to 90 days the term of presidential election campaign.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, 373 national deputies voted for acceptance in the first reading the bill "About Modification of Some Acts Concerning an Election of the President of Ukraine" from 441 registered in sessional halls.

The bill provides to change an order of formation district and precinct election commissions, to reduce terms of electoral process from 120 to 90 days, to improve an order of the appeal of solutions of subjects of electoral process.

Also it is offered to liquidate institute of absentee ballots and subscription lists in support of the presidential candidate of Ukraine.

Modification of the Criminal code of Ukraine about responsibility for preventing to free implementation by the citizen of the electoral right or the right to participate in a referendum, preventing of activity of other subject of electoral process, initiative group of a referendum, the commission on a referendum, the member of election commission, the member of initiative group of a referendum, the member of the commission on a referendum or the official observer when performing of the powers by them is provided.

Changes in the Law of Ukraine "About the State register of voters" provide establishment of norm according to which before the end of primary specification of personal information of the register electoral registers for elections and referenda are formed bodies of maintaining the register with use of a database and software which were used by preparation of electoral registers for the last in time of elections or a referendum. Features of an order of drawing up and specification of electoral registers for elections and referenda before the end of primary specification of personal information of the register are defined by Central Election Commission.

Also a number of the changes which purpose is ensuring functioning of the State register of voters is offered.

According to the explanatory note and the comparative table to the bill, placed on official a web - a parliament site, in article 17 of the law about presidential elections concerning appointment and elections terms the Verkhovna Rada is offered to appoint the next election of the president of Ukraine not later than in 90 days prior to the election day (now - 130 days). And electoral process of the next elections of the head of state has to begin also in 90 days, instead of 120, as now.

The Central Election Commission will have to make the decision on formation of the territorial constituencies (TC) not later than in 83 days prior to the election day (now - 110). At formation of TIO the Central Electoral Commission will take into consideration offers of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea, regional, Kiev and Sevastopol city councils taking into account administratively - the territorial device. The approximate number of voters in the constituency, number, territorial borders and the centers of constituencies will define the Central Election Commission. Thus the deviation of number of voters from an average across Ukraine in the constituency can't exceed 3%.

Separate point defined the Foreign constituency which will be made by all foreign polling stations. In the current version of the law on such district it isn't mentioned.

Established period of introduction of representations of local authorities concerning creation of usual polling stations - not later than in 60 days prior to the election day. Sites have to be created not later than for 38, instead of 50 days till the election day.

Authors of the bill also suggest to establish division of polling stations by the size on small (with approximate number of voters from 50 to 500 people), averages (from 500 to 1,5 thousand people) and big (from 1,5 thousand to 2 thousand people).

Changes offer to enter their formation into an order of formation of the territorial election commissions (TEC) not later than in 50 days prior to the election day (now 80) and accurately to define number of members - 15 people.

In the bill the form of representation is also defined and the norm which technical slips and the inaccuracies allowed in representation, aren't the basis for a deviation of the brought candidates is provided and can be corrected during the next day after obtaining the corresponding message from the Central Election Commission.

According to the bill, the right of representation of candidates in structure territorial election commission except presidential candidates of Ukraine will be acquired by also deputy fractions formed in the current convocation of the Verkhovna Rada. Thus their candidates have to join in structure territorial election commission surely. In a case if the total of the offered candidates exceeds 15, the Central Election Commission after the term of introduction of representations carries out lot among the candidates brought by candidates for presidential post. The order of carrying out such lot is established by the Central Election Commission not later than in 60 days prior to the election day.

The Precinct Election Commissions (PEC) have to be created not later than in 26 days prior to the election day (now 35), and their quantity has to make for small sites - 15 people, for averages - 21 persons, for big - 25 people. The order of representation of candidates in structure WICK and formations of the commissions is similar to what is defined above for territorial election commissions.


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