In Nikolayevshchina the worker tried зарубать the employer - the man in a serious condition is in hospital

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About seven years ago the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area Nikolay was interrupted by casual earnings - that worked in the field, to fellows villager helped. Once the man received from a family of the farmer which lived in the neighboring village, the invitation to work. Nikolay agreed. To its duties belonged to look after cattle and a household of the farmer, for it him fed, dressed and paid a small salary. The host even allocated for the worker the small room for accommodation.

Having worked in a family of the farmer seven years, Nikolay very much approached with the host, happened that they even drank together.

One night, when Nikolay already drank alcohol enough, between it and the owner there was a quarrel which developed into a fight. Nikolay grabbed a knife and hit with it the farmer twice. Nikolay was come into the view by an axe and when the wounded man tried to disappear, it struck it blow with an axe to the head. Having seen deeds, the criminal disappeared from a scene.

Blood-stained, but still the live farmer was found by the wife and the son who at once caused militia and ambulance. The man with the split head and knife wounds took to emergency medical service hospital, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. Meanwhile some groups of staff of the Nikolaev regional department of militia were engaged in Nikolay's searches in the neighboring village, two more militiamen remained to be on duty in the house of the victim.

In the morning Nikolay decided to return on a crime scene - militiamen saw it in the house yard. The criminal, having seen militiamen, I started threatening them with a knife.

One of militiamen got a fire service weapon and warned Nikolay that if that won't throw a knife, it will shoot. But on the man the prevention, shots in air didn't work - it continued to go on a meeting, crying out thus threats with use of an offensive language.

Without having allowed to come nearer Nikolay on dangerous distance, the militiaman shot - the bullet punched a knee joint of the criminal then a ricochet I punched the second foot.

Militiamen put on handcuffs then physicians rendered him first aid Nikolay. Escorted by it was taken to regional hospital, after recovery it will be expected by punishment for the committed crime.

The state of health of the farmer still causes in doctors of fear, but, having recovered consciousness, he asked militiamen not to punish Nikolay.

It should be noted that in seven years the farmer never took an interest in the past of the worker. As militiamen found out, for the detainee it any more the first case of such behavior - it already stayed in imprisonment places for murder of the mother-in-law, which зарубал an axe.

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