Stakhorsky of brooms doesn't knit - the state earth sells

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The guarantor Konstitutsii in the area, the head of the district state administration secretly from a depuy corps sold to the citizen of Azerbaijan 2,5 hectares of the earth … at the similar price. Also I left on the hospital.

The third coming in the power

The power for Alexander Stakhorsky - the head of the Zhovtnevy district state administration became something like drug: judging by a situation, pulls it there like mad. That for the third time to catch a post of the head of the Zhovtnevy area and to retire as the civil servant, Alexander Mikhaylovich used again kumovsky communications with the governor Alexey Garkusha. Though Alexey Nikolaevich categorically denies this statement. It is remembered, long there was a negotiation process with the capital (the candidate - that soiled), and, probably, agreed. On a quota of party of Litvin. When in February, 2008 there was a presidential decree about appointment as the head of the district state administration of Alexander Stakhorsky, inhabitants of the Zhovtnevy area were simply shocked: the loop of lawlessness and the boorish attitude towards people tries to keep step with this "slippery" person. We will tell directly: this person, in fact, and closely couldn't be allowed to the power. But, alas, allowed!

In the power Stakhorsky began the third coming, as always, with revenge to those whom he considers as the enemies. And such was, as they say, the whole cart and the cart. Notice, all arsenal of regional services was put to use: who refused to carry out orders of the head of the district state administration, those were waited by a bitter fate to remain without position. And worked. Having dealt thus with offenders, Alexander Stakhorsky started more important public affairs, among which and sale of the state earth which is outside settlements. The benefit, was to trade than.

The secret transaction took place

On April 17, 2009 Alexander Stakhorsky, being in senses and a distinct memory as it is written in the purchase and sale contract, on behalf of Zhovtnevy RGA Abbas Ali sells to the citizen of Azerbaijan Mamedov the total land plot, by the way, industrial the area located under the former cannery in the territory of Kotlyarevsky village council. The protocol of coordination of the price is attached to the contract of purchase and sale:one square meter of the Ukrainian earth for Mamedov turned out on … 34 hryvnias.

If to follow a law letter, all procedure of sale of the state earth has to take place is public and transparent. And sale of the industrial earth at all is within the competence of the regional state administration with preliminary coordination in regional council. However mister Stakhorsky resolved this so delicate issue to take under personal control, not to trust deputies. Edinonachalno. So to speak, without noise and a dust.

- This earth here is rented a year by Mamedov Abbas Ali, - the chairman of Kotlyarevsky village council Ruslan Shokot tells. - It got the premises of the former cannery belonging to Leonik private enterprise 2 years ago. In principle, these people are engaged in production of food semi-finished products, paid for land lease 77251 hryvnias a year. It suited us. What was need of sale of this earth, unclear. After all the land is sold only for 786120 hryvnias, that is ten years' rent completely pays back this sum. For anybody not a secret that the good owner never will sell a golden goose. Not reasonably, agree!

Besides, as the chairman of the Village Council told, the transaction on the sale of land which is in their territory was very secretly made. Didn't inform not only a rural depuy corps, but also regional. After all 90 percent of the money gained from sale of land, on the law arrive in the rural budget, and only 10 - in state.

According to the contract of purchase and sale signed by Stakhorsky both Mamedovy 17.04.09 and certified notarially, calculation for acquisition of the land plot will be carried out within eight months, in the sum of 105884 UAH in a month, till December 1, 2009. So that's that! Also I resolved a delay of the general payment. From what?.

- About that sold the land, we learned when to us money for the first 2 months of "tranche" arrived, - the chairman of village council Ruslan Shokot is indignant, - I went to the area to Stakhorsky and asked it a specific question: why about sale of land we learned in the last turn and why with us didn't coordinate. On what Alexander Mikhaylovich answered me supposedly well money arrived to you that you still want. On it conversation was settled.

The earth - the wet nurse. For whom?

How many there is land actually sold by Stakhorsky? Judging by documents, for official calculation it took the monetary expert assessment of the earth executed by concern JSC Yugzemservice. Notice, the first of January - New year, the day off, and business concern works by the sweat of the brow, estimating Stakhorskoma the earth. Strange, isn't that so?

Not less strange looks also that fact that, according to the order of Zhovtnevy RGA No. 43-р of 25.01.08 (before Stakhorsky's coming) in which it is written down about Mamedov's right of use of this rent land plot for 10 years, is told and about providing technical documentation by a standard monetary assessment of the earth on the statement to Zhovtnevy regional council. Nevertheless, mister Stakhorsky deliberately forgot about this point and personally coordinated Mamedova the sum of 643759,68 UAH for 2,5 hectares of the earth.

For comparison of estimated cost of the kotlyarevsky earth Ruslan Shokot showed calculation for the next site with a total area of 0,04 hectares provided in rent under construction of garage to the inhabitant of the village to Nina Sinitskaya. Strangely enough, and this earth in an inconvenient place, however its estimated cost the same district state administration made 61,16 UAH for square meter. At Stakhorsky the industrial earth under commercial activity turned out on 34 UAH. Comments here, as they say, are excessive.

If to count the land sold at the similar price at the normal price, having taken as a basis at least Sinitskaya's earth, there is an impressive difference which because of Stakhorsky is half-received by budgets, both local, and state - 676 thousand 664 hryvnias. This money would be very opportunely for the solution of social problems in Kotlyarevsky village council. It is known that there big problems with drinking water.

And documents - that counterfeit …

- When I started studying attentively the document on a purchase - sales of land, - the chairman of village council Ruslan Shokot tells, - that the plan to the purchase and sale contract, A. Shkrabak signed by the head of department of land resources paid attention to the enclosed documents, in particular. The matter is that Anna Ivanovna doesn't work one and a half years in this position. Near its signature there was a signature of the today's head of department of land resources Sergey Gotovsky. When I compared the plan attached to the lease contract, made 13.05.08 to it, understood that it is two identical copies. That is, leaves that no coordination of the plan to the contract of purchase and sale of the land plot as of 17.04.09 at all existed, the photocopy of year prescription there was enclosed. Forgery here is available.I already reported about it in the appropriate law enforcement agencies. I think, they will give an assessment to actions of the head of the district state administration to Alexander Stakhorsky.

The chairman of the Village Council is indignant also of behavior of the chief of regional land management Sergey Gotovsky:

- At meetings of the regional deputy commissions he couldn't explain who made a monetary assessment and why it isn't approved by the decision of regional council. Judging by available documents, legal disagreements there are covered. By the legislation coordination of borders sold or handed over in land lease with village council surely. But the land is already sold.


On June 24 session of regional council at which the question of illegal sale of the kotlyarevsky earth will be sounded by the head of the district state administration will take place. Whether there will be at this session Alexander Stakhorsky, it is hard to say. It left on the long bulletin. Though, in principle, it isn't so important, whether there will be it at session or not. I think that quickly law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's office if yet weren't engaged have to deal with this issue. Especially, the debt already tries to keep step with mister Stakhorsky long ago in the budget in 21 thousand hryvnias. This sum was paid from the regional budget to employee of regional council illegally dismissed by Stakhorsky Natalya Vinokurova. The regional prosecutor's office of it could notice. Unclear, why she still is silent. And why the regional budget has to suffer from lawless actions of officials - petty tyrants?


"The Nikolaev business"


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