"Free Odessa" considers that the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area tries "to hush up" case of murder which was committed by the People's Deputy "nasheukrainets"

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Due to the principled stand of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko concerning the resonant crime committed by the People's Deputy from BYuT by Victor Lozinsky, the being chief of Golovanevsky regional department of militia Mikhail Kovalsky and the being prosecutor of this area Evgeny Gorbenko, the public organization "Free Odessa" addressed to the President and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine with the requirement to take under personal control investigation of criminal case upon the murder committed by the former People's Deputy of Ukraine by Alexey Kozachenko. Activists of the organization thanked the President for efforts the closings of business of Lozinsky directed on prevention and stated hope that investigation will be finished, and criminals are punished. About it reports od-news.com


"At the same time, we address concerning other resonant murder committed by the People's Deputy of Ukraine of the fourth convocation, being chairman of the Odessa regional organization of political party "The national union "Our Ukraine", Alexey Kozachenk. This People's Deputy in 2004 a shot from the unregistered gun of the TT brand deprived life 25 - the summer inhabitant of the village Kuchurgan, the Razdelnyansky area, Odessa region Alexey Zherebk.

However investigation of the criminal case brought upon murder, constantly was tightened, and subsequently business tried закрыть.15 April, 2008, considering numerous complaints of mother of the killed of Tatyana Zherebko, and also protests and public requirements, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine cancelled the resolution on the termination of criminal case concerning A. Kozachenko and returned it on repeated investigation to prosecutor's office of Odessa region. After that the prosecutor of Odessa region Vasily Prisyazhnyuk for observance of objectivity and impartiality of a consequence sent this business in for consideration in the next Nikolaev area.

Being in continuous communication with mother of the killed Tatyana Zherebko, we received information that investigation was really resumed:exhumation of a body of the victim was led, interrogations of witnesses on business are carried out, examinations and so forth from what it is visible are necessary that the consequence was held objectively and professionally. It testified to objectiveness of staff of the Nikolaev regional prosecutor's office and gave hope for fast completion of this long-term investigation.

In January, 2009 after numerous protests of inhabitants of Odessa and the public under walls of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, we achieved, that the general prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Medvedko publicly promised that the course of investigation will take under personal control, and by its results the objective resolution will be taken out.

However, as we know, prosecutors of the Nikolaev area it is groundless stopped a consequence on the specified criminal case under the personal order of the prosecutor of the region Nikolay Stoyanov.

We ask you, dear Victor Andreevich to show adherence to principles as well in a question of investigation of criminal case upon murder of the inhabitant of the village Kuchurgana of the Razdelnyansky region of Odessa region Alexey Zherebko and to give an assessment to groundless closing of criminal case ex-the deputy Kozachenko prosecutors of the Nikolaev area, to the corruption facts in bodies of prosecutor's office of all levels.

In case of consideration of a question of murder by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Victor Lozinsky of the inhabitant of the Golovanevsky area, the Kirovograd area Valery Oleynik at meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, we ask you, to submit for consideration also a question of murder ex-the People's Deputy of Ukraine Alexey Kozachenko of the inhabitant of the village Kuchurgana, Odessa region Alexey Zherebko", it is spoken in the address which was signed by the chairman of public organization "Free Odessa" Vladimir Ushchapovsky.


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