Criminal case concerning the woman who, having enticed a neighbour's dog to itself into the yard is brought, killed her and, having skinned, ate with friends

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Prosecutor's office of the Ship area at last - thatI brought criminal caseupon an animal abuse. We will remind that at the beginning of April in the Ship district of Nikolaev mother of four children enticed a neighbour's dog into the yard then killed her, skinned and ate, having shared with friends.

As reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", that day the owner of an animal - Inna came back home from work and found out that Chyoko's her favourite dog disappeared. The neighbour's boy told that saw how the neigbour Galina dragged Chyoko to herself to the yard.

Among inhabitants of the neighboring area all knew that Galina's family -unsuccessful. Hearings went the different. From four children the senior, allegedly, is in imprisonment places, and the most younger, 2 - the monthly kid, is in awful conditions and without appropriate supervision.

Parents as it is necessary earn - that in cabbage on spontaneous to a rynochka trade, forcemeat … Moreover, neighbors say that Galina with the husband more than once enticed dogs from a city dump to itself into the yard, and then … dogs disappeared.

Inna with the husband went to the neigbour. When the speech about the gone Chyoko, Galina and her husband of steelcameto tell different stories.Allegedly, they didn't know that a well-groomed dog with a collar - neighbour's. Also sent it to the village to the grandmother … Or to protect a melon field to the grandfather … Generally, they where sent a doggie …

don't remember

Inna, having suspected wrong, I addressed in militia. In conversation withdistrict police officerGalina admitted thatI ached it 4 - the summer son, I started coughing. And, to cure the chilled child, careless mother decided to feed him sobachatiny.Having caught Chyoko, Galina carried out a sentence.Dog killed, skinned and ate.

And there are witnesses who claim that собачатину used on picnic in the company with friends, having made of it a shish kebab and under vodka.

The militia found the remains of a corpse of an animal in a well of the house of the suspect. But in initiation of legal proceedingsdeputy.chief of Ship regional department V. CobaI refused, because "in actions of the citizen To. the structure of a crime provided by Art. 299 of UK of Ukraine (animals abuse)is absentrecognizing that is absentmockery at animals, made with applicationcruelmethods, or from hooligan motives. The conflict situation lastedquickly(! - a bus),I occurred because of spontaneously arisen …". On it the explanation in the resolution comes to an end. Because of what such spontaneous(!)there was a conflict situation - and murder of an animal is concrete, his cutting, preparation of its meat and the use in food remains to unknown …

The district police officer led with Galina preventive discussion about inadmissibility of commission of offenses and need to support good-neighbourhood.

Inna addressed inNikolaev city society of protection of the rights of animals.Together with them statementswere madeto the prosecutor of Nikolaev and prosecutor of the Ship areaabout disagreement with the decision on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the address of the Nikolaev city society of protection of the rights of animals was considered and by results of check the decision on initiation of legal proceedings was made.

At the beginning of last month, on June 4, the prosecutor's office of the Ship area upon an animal abuse (killing of a dog) brought criminal case according to p.1 Art. 229 of UK of Ukraine. Today criminal case is directed for carrying out a pretrial investigation to Ship regional department of a municipal government of militia of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

In case in court illegality of actions of neighbors is proved, for an animal abuse by it will be taken outpunishment in the form of penalty imposing to fifty free income of citizens or arrest for a period of up to six months.


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