The lawyer of Lozinsky says that it wasn't necessary to give the deputy mandate

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The lawyer of the former People's Deputy from Victor LOZINSKY'S BYuT Roman DENISYUK doesn't know where now there is his client.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he declared it today on a press - conferences in the UNIAN, answering questions of journalists.

"Last time I communicated with it yesterday. Right now I don't know where it is - I don't carry to it a suitcase", - R. DENISYUK told.

According to the lawyer, copies of the resolution on excitement concerning V. LOZINSKY of criminal case weren't provided to him I had opportunity to appeal against it in a judicial order.

Speaking about the application which was written by V. LOZINSKY about voluntary addition of deputy powers, the lawyer told: "I consider an act of my client courageous, but reckless, emotional. I in it don't support him".

In turn lawyers being the chief of Golovanevsky regional department of militia Mikhail KOVALSKY and the prosecutor Evgeny GORBENKO respectively Yaroslav GRIZODUB and Pavel ORTYANKO noted that the investigation concerning their clients is carried with violations and is prejudiced.

Besides, for the last several days they weren't given opportunity of a meeting with clients.

At the same time lawyers distributed the address in which note that, on their belief, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine actively lobbies only one of three versions of tragic death of the citizen Valery Oliynyk.

As it is noted in the document, from the official version of the State Office of Public Prosecutor unclear who used the weapon to the victim, and the legal investigation turned into procedural accident.

At the same time loud information campaign as the main character in which the State Office of Public Prosecutor acts proceeds, lawyers declare.

"Today it is obvious that the consequence works not for truth establishment, and for daily generation of the information occasions directed against one particular person, - V. LOZINSKY. Active intervention to politicians and prejudiced illumination of its mass media directs at the conclusion about a political component of business. The event with V. LOZINSKY is successfully otrezhisirovanny and well played statement", - authors of the document note.

According to them, the following statement also testifies to custom-made character of a pretrial investigation on business a press - services of the President of Ukraine: "The president notes that the situation when two of three participants of an emergency situation received the status of suspects, and the third - the People's Deputy from BYuT, the status of the witness is unacceptable. The president notes that in the mentioned crime there shouldn't be "white spots". All participants have to be punished, despite ranks and the political status".

That is, according to lawyers, by the President it is beforehand defined who has to appear behind a lattice, and, therefore - in what direction the consequence has to work.

Lawyers also criticize representation of the Prosecutor General's Office in the Verkhovna Rada concerning V. LOZINSKY. According to them, "after acquaintance with the text of representation becomes obvious that it only according to the name can be considered as the procedural document of body of a pretrial investigation, but not in essence. The present document actually is the certificate of a course of a pretrial investigation in criminal case, and can't be considered as the procedural document" at all.

As they say further in their document, confirmation of fault of V. LOZINSKY in commission of crime by protocols of survey of a scene, survey of a body the fact and a crime event, but in any way about not confirm guilt of the particular person.

Also lawyers pay attention that at representation introduction with a request to agree to criminal prosecution, the detention and a capture under V. LOZINSKY'S guards are allowed by the investigator numerous violations of an established order of preparation and introduction of such representation as by each type of a measure of restraint separate representation has to move.

As reported the UNIAN, today, on July 3, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the resolution on the termination of deputy powers of V. LOZINSKY according to his statement.

415 People's Deputies voted for this decision from 444, registered in a sessional hall.

Meanwhile some deputies, in particular the member of deputy group "For Ukraine! " ANDRIY PARUBIY, don't exclude that V. LOZINSKY already left the territory of Ukraine.


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