Yushchenko pledged the word that won't use criminal case against Stalin on elections

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Order of the President of Ukraine to the Prosecutor General's Office and SBU to consider a question of initiation of legal proceedings upon illegal evictions in 1944 of krymskotatarsky and other people living in the Crimea, it is motivated aspiration to establish historical justice concerning these events. The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko told about it on a press - conferences in Simferopol, answering questions of journalists.

As reports a press - service of the President, the assignment he reasoned that each nation has to estimate adequately tragic pages of own history and learn the corresponding lessons not to allow such events in the future. Thus the Head of state categorically rejected that his assignment to law enforcement agencies is caused by an environment of election campaign. "I pledge the word - there shouldn't be a speech about PR, about elections", - V. Yushchenko told, having reminded that from the Crimea on a national sign 230 thousand people were deported.

The president especially emphasized that the assessment of events of 1944 is caused by need to defend universal values. "It is polemic morally - ethical which has to have a legal basis", - he told. According to Victor Yushchenko, the fact of a legal assessment of actions of people is important not, many of which already there is in live, and no that such assessment gives the chance to take out a necessary lesson from history. "We need to take one more step that our society was more humane and open, wiser", - V. Yushchenko is convinced.

In the answer the Head of state also referred to the resolution of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE adopted on July 1 which equated Stalinism to Nazism, - and therefore the country in which this policy practiced, can't but give own assessment to events of the corresponding period.


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