Medvedko decided to return GPU to the old checked scheme

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The general prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander MEDVEDKO categorically denies political implication of reorganization of investigative managements of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and claims that changes are caused only by desire to optimize department activity.

He declared it in interview to the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper (to No. 25 (753) of July 4 - 10, 2009).

"In due time I made the decision on creation of two central boards of a consequence. For "In due time I made the decision on creation of two central boards of a consequence. KUZMIN was responsible for the first central board (the Deputy Prosecutor General Renat KUZMIN, - the UNIAN), for the second - GOLOMShA (the Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolay GOLOMSHA, - the UNIAN. ). Unfortunately, practice showed that as a result of such scheme we in a certain degree lost symmetry of a consequence. The rasporoshennost, disagreements, misunderstanding" took place, - A. MEDVEDKO


According to him, in this regard the decision on creation of uniform head investigative department which was headed by one more deputy public prosecutor Vitaly SHCHETKIN was made.

"I made the decision on return to the old checked scheme: there is one head investigative department which is headed by one deputy and bears full responsibility for all consequence", - the public prosecutor emphasized.

He declared that in reorganization there is no political implication, and called untrue data that R. KUZMIN investigating legitimacy of appointment of the chairman of the Supreme Court, is connected with Boris KOLESNIKOV, N. GOLOMSHA supervising an investigation of case of poisoning of Victor YUSHCHENKO, - with the head of state, and V. ShchETKIN is the person of A.MEDVEDKO.

"I as the general prosecutor know nothing about YUSHCHENKO'S special relations with GOLOMShEY and KOLESNIKOVA with KUZMINYM. I consider that it everything isn't true. And Vitaly Ivanovich SHCHETKIN is known by all country as the beautiful professional who has given to a consequence all the life", - declared A.MEDVEDKO.

The public prosecutor also confirmed the fact of functional audit check of activity of Galina KLIMOVICH - the head of the investigation team investigating poisoning of Victor YUSHCHENKO which without judgment requested from mobile operators information, concerning location during the different periods of phones belonging including the top officials of the state. According to information circulating in mass media, R. KUZMIN brought idea of initiation of legal proceedings against G. KLIMOVICH.

"I know of KUZMINA official reports, and I know that an inspection was carried out. As soon as I will understand this situation, I will report about results of the public", - declared A.MEDVEDKO.


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