The president of Ukraine V. Yushchenko "cut tasks" and asked prosecutor's office and militia "will get rid" of casual people

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The legal investigation of rather Lozinsky confirmed an inefficiency of law enforcement agencies. It was declared by the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko during meeting of board of the Prosecutor General's Office.

He again noted that the management of area and regional law enforcement agencies of Kirovogradshchina has to understand the responsibility and resign. "On hands of these people blood. This is your subordinate (the prosecutor of the area), you took it and obliged were to watch how effectively it works", - the President told.

The president expressed belief that the mentioned officials couldn't but know about behavior of the deputy Lozinsky in the region. "In your system there is an impunity. Unless the prosecutor's office didn't know, to how many people this People's Deputy Lozinsky threatened with murder? Look at criminal case, how many witnesses give evidences. It wasn't seen by Motsny? It wasn't seen by the head of regional administration, it wasn't seen by militia, security service that people are frightened, don't know to whom to address, and people in shoulder straps can't execute the function of the defender", - the President told.

It expressed indignation of such character of the relations between local government, guards and the deputy who would have to represent area in parliament.

"Law enforcement agencies never were engaged in these feudal lords, were in one soldering", - the President characterized this situation.

It reminded of events of 2004 when persons involved in business of Lozinsky during presidential elections actually broke election campaign on 100 - m the constituency.

"Here that means not to make in due time lessons of 2004. Why the prosecutor's office didn't make what has to make? " - Victor Yushchenko asked.

He called case of murder of the inhabitant of the Kirovograd area an example of deep problems in political and law-enforcement system. "Behind this case as in a drop, there is all problem of the organization of work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office", - the President told.

The head of state sharply scarified that the simple citizen can't find protection in law enforcement agencies."The considerable part of decisions personnel in militia and prosecutor's office is inefficient. Many people work in prosecutor's office and militia simply incidentally because it for very many became an umbrella, for very many is shadow earnings, and service to the state is a small cover with impunity to take bribes, instead of to fight protecting the law", - the President summarized.

He reasoned it that resonant cases are investigated for years and aren't brought to trial. This system undermines trust to itself from society.

"I want that Alexander Ivanovich (Medvedko) had enough courage to make those personnel shifts and changes, and first of all on territories where they ripened long ago. I will be only your partner. But without your decision not to put this business in motion. I address the same also to the Ministry of Internal Affairs", - the President told.

He called that occurs both in militia, and in the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs an enormous problem of the nation. "We have to clear ranks of guards of those people who don't work long ago for the Ukrainian law", - Victor Yushchenko is convinced.

He again addressed to business of Lozinsky who had an opportunity to avoid responsibility before a consequence. "The frontier guard assures that crossing of border wasn't if only there was no illegal crossing of border with Russia", - the President told. It struck to criticism of action of law enforcement agencies which had all opportunities to prevent such succession of events with already ex-the deputy.

The president urged law enforcement agencies to work in common and is coordinated, to be guided only by the law and to be out of policy, especially at investigation of affairs concerning officials and the persons concerning the power.

"An episode across Zvarich, an episode across Lozinsky are special pages of your professional history", - Victor Yushchenko warned.

It should be noted that at meeting of board of the Prosecutor General's Office there were also representatives of law enforcement agencies from the Nikolaev area.

As it was succeeded to learn "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", at meeting of board of the Prosecutor General's Office there went the chief of USBU in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Doroshenko, the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Stoyanov and the chief of the Nikolaev customs Valentin Kovalsky.

At board meeting the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko also asked the Prosecutor General's Office to deal with the facts of not compensation of the VAT, collecting taxes in advance and a tightening of process of recapitalization of banks. According to the head of state, the sum of the noncompensated VAT makes 15 billion UAH that testifies to not realness of the budget. V. Yushchenko noted that 12 million UAH are the taxes collected in advance, 10 billion UAH - not payment of a banking system.

The president of Ukraine also asked the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU to take work of customs under special control. According to the head of state, temporary exit groups of workers of GPU and SBU which will carry out work at customs, in particular, on the Odessa have to be created. V. Yushchenko noted that at customs "the strengthened criminalization" is observed. According to him, for the last 30-40 days the cost of customs registration of one container of freight decreased twice. "Where our prosecutor's office, where SBU? How through border hundreds tons of freight are passed? he said.

The head of state also expressed concern about the decision of the government about cancellation of a temporary extra charge to a rate of import duty. According to him, thereof the quantity of import production, in particular, meat products which are imported on the territory of Ukraine at the dumping prices considerably increased. In particular, in the I quarter 2009 on the territory of Ukraine 4 times more meat, than last year was delivered.

V. Yushchenko urged GPU to establish within check, under what law on customs border of Ukraine such price can be established. "Why the customs service can't carry out board about personnel compliance? It, obviously, such chief", - he told.

The subject of violations of the law in the bank sphere was one more subject which was lifted at board meeting.

According to the head of state, 6 banks were engaged in illegal currency transactions. "It was told in the presence of representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office. Where today these bankers, where these banks? he said.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that in Ukraine fight against washing of means is inefficiently conducted. According to him, 10% of the cases submitted in 2008-2009 by Gosfinmonitoring law enforcement agencies, weren't processed from - for absence of structure of a crime.

We will remind, the SBU in May of this year established participation of several banks in activity of the konvertatsionny center with a monthly turnover about 30 million dollars.

Remains not clear why representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine weren't invited to this meeting of board.


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