Yu. Lutsenko is innocent

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The history which has happened to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by Yury Lutsenko at the airport of Frankfurt am Main about two months ago, was beyond long ago household scandal, misunderstanding, an embarrassment and practically at once got political coloring.

The note in the yellow newspaper "Bild" about the Ukrainian minister - the brawler who got drunk at the airport and has shown resistance to the German police, provoked inflating of this incident to scales of the international scandal. For investigation of this case in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine one was created at all, and two temporary commissions of inquiry - under the direction of byutovets of Roman Zabzalyuk and "regional" Nestor Shufrich. However, legitimacy of the commission of Shufrich was called into question, and its meetings were ignored by the members of the commission included also in the commission of Zabzalyuk. It, however, didn't prevent Nestor Ivanovich to a message own investigation and to direct contacts with the German party for obtaining information.

By results of work of the commission of Zabzalyuk meeting to which "persons involved" in scandal - the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko who has brought also the son Alexander were invited, the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Natalya Zarudnaya, the consul general of Germany in Frankfurt am Main Alexander Novoselov and the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Germany Sergey Dyatlov who was the direct participant of events was called yesterday. From nine members of the commission was present seven - its chairman Roman Zabzalyuk, "regionals" Mikhail Chechetov, Elena Bondarenko and Leonid Kozhara, "samooboronets" Ekaterina Lukyanova and Vladimir Aryev, the communist Igor Alekseev and Nestor Shufrich invited as the guest. The idea to hold meeting behind closed doors, without press presence, encountered Lutsenko's who has declared protest that in all event no secret is present therefore let mass media remain. However, during "interrogation" of diplomats of journalists everything is asked to leave.

The main positions sounded by Lutsenko, were are as follows:

1) any criminal case occasionally in the airport of Frankfurt it wasn't excited as the prosecutor of the State of Hesse on the received materials refused production - so, incident is settled;

2) Lutsenko wasn't drunk to such an extent that he couldn't be let in the plane as drank at the airport of all a beer glass (a denial about existence in blood of alcohol the son of the minister gave only and won court with the Bild newspaper);

3) in the plane everything were allowed, except Lutsenko which employees of "Lufthansa" is groundless accused of intoxication;

4) to Lutsenko, his son and Dyatlov force was used - they were tumbled down on the earth, and Lutsenko is chained in handcuffs and forwarded in a site;

5) well and, at last, the main thing - Lutsenko doesn't agree to publication of the documents collected by Germans as incident is settled, the parties came to mutual understanding and apologized before each other.

"The prosecutor's office of the State of Hesse refused production of this business is the fact, - Lutsenko in response to appeals of deputies to declassify documents and to shed light that actually occurred at the airport repeated. - Not to investigate case of deputies the incident reasons. I don't agree to publication of these documents because any materials of the prosecutor of the State of Hesse unilaterally, without investigation and studying... And People's Deputies who want all to judge, can't extend this aspiration also to the German prosecutor... "

But People's Deputies, in particular from Party of Regions, such answer didn't satisfy: Shufrich insisted on disclosure of the reasons of closing of criminal business against Lutsenko. What was it? Apologies of the German party and recognition in a wrongfulness of actions of law enforcement agencies of Frankfurt at the airport or were worked by diplomatic immunity of the minister what gives to business absolutely other coloring? If the first, it means that the Ukrainian party humiliated, and then it is necessary to organize a note of protest, the appeal of parliament, still something... If the second, it is necessary to give an appropriate assessment to actions of the official of Ukraine in the territory of other state during execution of official duties. But for this purpose it is necessary to open all information.

I answered Lutsenko's this appeal firm "no". Pier, all found out, shook hands, and it doesn't wish initiation of proceedings against the Frankfurt police which got excited, without having understood, or employees of "Lufthansa" to whom something seemed. The only fault in Lutsenko's this history sees that behaved as the father protecting the son, instead of the official that on - human has to be clear to all present.

"The chief of police before me apologized, - Lutsenko repeated. - And these could be limited if there was no desire to turn all this into a political case... I exclude that all this the organized provocation, and I don't know, from where and why there was an information leakage... "

By the way, the interesting moment - Lutsenko declared that doesn't exclude submission of the claim on the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Zarudnuyu for her letter concerning the incident, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: pier, it contains the statements untrue (both about intoxication, and about insults of the personnel of the airport from Lutsenko and so forth) which madam the ambassador received from the German party, without being on a scene. However, this claim if it all - decides to give it, Lutsenko will give, only having resigned authority of the minister...

It didn't happen to listen to madam Zarudnuyu to journalists as she, having specially arrived to VSK meeting from Germany, I refused flatly to give evidences in the presence of the press. But from diplomatic sources "Editor-in-chief" learned the following: the letter of madam Zarudnoy which she was obliged to provide in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was confidential and not intended for publication. Who and why all - merged information in mass media? Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Or the Secretariat of the President, anywhere this letter and where, as we know, Lutsenko and the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko very much don't love, whose part in political war with Bank he took?

And one more moment: the German party - prosecutor's office, parliamentarians, other officials - refused the offer Ukrainian нардепов to meet for an exchange of opinions and information on the incident. From the same diplomatic sources "Editor-in-chief" knows that Germans refuse flatly to discuss this subject, having secretly taken a position of non-interference to internal political dismantlings of Ukrainians.

That actually occurred in Germany, we for certain for certain don't learn never. On the materials which are available on hands for members of VSK on "Lutsenko's business" which managed to be seen to "Editor-in-chief", follows that both parties - both Lutsenko, and Germans are to a greater or lesser extent guilty: it - in irascibility and, probably, too loose behavior, they - also in irascibility and some bias to the person who hasn't pleasant for any reasons.

Another thing is that, we will repeat, business was beyond simple misunderstanding, which (and it is told even by the "regionals" who aren't taking liking for Lutsenko) could happen to everyone. Requirements to dismiss "the minister - the alcoholic" - only florets in future war for a presidential chair. At present Tymoshenko for certain "won't hand over" Lutsenko - especially he, speak, warned her that as soon as there will be signs of his close resignation, "National self-defense", staying in the coalition, will leave its ranks, and then - everything, majority disorder, possibility of dissolution of parliament and early elections... While it didn't happen.

But Lutsenko has, as they say, too many enemies - both on Bank, and in ranks of the party of regions. It is hardly worth hoping for cover in the form of Tymoshenko to it: tomorrow the situation can change, and to Yury Vitalyevich will remember not only Frankfurt...


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