The prior of Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul disproves information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on capture of the criminal robbed the temple

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On the official site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the section "News" information that is as a result investigative was published - prompt actions police officers caught earlier detained 31 - the summer unemployed who plundered temples.

Naturally, it couldn't escape from our attention - we published it. However it appeared that in the Ministry of Internal Affairs hurried: the prior of Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul father Boris (Kashirov) says that the criminal who has robbed it the temple, isn't found.

The father Boris reminded as there was a business. In the night of May 8 the temple of Saint apostles of Pyotr Pavel in the village of Petrovo - Solonikh was robbed: the robber opened a metal door, brought down locks on the first and second doors of the temple, switched-off the gas alarm system and stole two relics - a valuable icon of the end of XVIII - the beginnings of the XIX centuries and the naprestolny Gospel of the XIX century

This icon was in the temple since post-war time, and with the Gospel services were served, it submitted for worship people. Robbers, having stolen the naprestolny Gospel, profaned a throne, and, according to the lake of Boris, it should be sprinkled with holy water.

- As I was told in militia, the criminal was very accurate - worked in gloves, didn't leave any traces, visors with itself even the brought-down locks. The only thing that was revealed, so is a print of a boot and tires from expensive foreign car. Thus the criminal perfectly understood that he takes, - on modern things wasn't seduced, - told the lake Boris.

As the priest reminded, the temple in the village Komsomol was robbed after a while. And here it is that of the criminal found. But as these events received a wide resonance, it became known of them not only at local level, but also in the capital.

- In any way there was a confusion, and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided that the found criminal and our temple robbed. But I a few days ago talked to the deputy chief of the Nikolaev District Department of Internal Affairs who investigates a robbery of our temple, and he told me: "The father Boris, you the first would know that we found your things". So it not that criminal, - was told by the prior of Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.


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