The militia of Konotop caught the criminal on small need

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Who there urinates in night with a women bag on a shoulder? It it, - the cop, - the having a rest student …thought

At night in Konotop (The Sumy area) militia patrol, carrying out territory round, I noticed the guy who near cafe tried to descend in a toilet. When militiamen approached to the offender, patrolmen were surprised that the guy on a shoulder had also a female handbag.

At this time the cafe left group of girls who loudly discussed something. They noticed at once militia and the guy in whom recognized the robber who some minutes ago stole their things. The drunk thief used that girls danced, and took at one mobile phone and 30 hryvnias, and at another - a bag in which too there was "mobile phone" and 50 hryvnias.

In the morning the sobered-up young man explained that together with friends had a rest outdoors, and then decided everything to continue together rest in cafe. After a while from the cheerful company there was only it. As it was drunk much, it didn't begin to spend effort to latrine searches. And passing by little tables I took with myself that badly lay. Now to the guy, the pupil of one of Konotop higher education institutions, threatens not only assignment, but also imprisonment.


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