Hello 90 - m: to the Kharkov businessman burned the third car in 3 months

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The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Mercedes ML 320 cars belonging to the Kharkov businessman Anton Podvezko, at night on July 13 were set on fire by unknown. As the victim reported, the first car which stood near the house to Pravdy Ave. address, 5, the second which was on parking near the Delight supermarket on Klochkovskaya St. burned down completely, parking lot security guards managed to extinguish.

That it there was an arson, Podvezko doesn't doubt - according to him, near cars the remains of bottles with gasoline are found, and there are witnesses of an arson. Eyewitnesses of a fire called firefighters and militia. The businessman wrote the application in the Dzerzhinsk regional department of militia of Kharkov.

On May 21 by the same way one more car of this businessman, and also the car its business - the partner was set on fire. According to Podvezko, firefighters established that the arson became the reason of ignition of the car. "However law enforcement agencies still didn't bring criminal case, - the businessman noted. - I wasn't given any resolutions, me didn't recognize as the victim". With a request to interfere and find the instigator Podvezko after the first arson I addressed to the prosecutor of the Kharkov area Vasily Sinchuk.

In GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kharkov area reported that the team of firefighters came out at night on July 13 on car suppression in the house yard on to Pravdy Ave., 5. Firefighters establish the ignition reasons.

Reference:According to the message a press - services of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Kharkov area, the Lexus car burned at night on May 21 in Kharkov, in the house yard on Danilevsky St. His owner - Anton Podvezko - that it saw at night how his Lexus-350 car in the yard of his house burns. He called the partner who lives on Korchagintsev St., and that, having looked in a window, saw how lit up its "Toyota FJ". Upon an event businessmen submitted applications to the Dzerzhinsk and Frunze regional departments of militia of Kharkov.Businessmen suspect of an arson of representatives of the company - the contractor. According to victims, at the company belonging to them the old conflict to other enterprise (both are engaged in trade in agricultural products), and recently this economic conflict developed into the interpersonal. To injured businessmen threats of physical violence repeatedly arrived. Upon threats they submitted applications to Kominternovsky regional department of the militia earlier, however it didn't bring any result.


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