Storna of protection of the Nikolaev official who is suspected of receiving a bribe of $150 thousand, became more active to affect court?

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Today the Internet - the edition published the letter which came to edition from mother of the former acting as the chairman of the New Odessa RGA Igor Nikolayevnko accused of receiving a bribe.

We will remind,"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that On January 27 "on hot" the acting as the chairman of the New Odessa regional public administration Igor Nikolayenko, was detained which extorted and got a bribe of 150 000 US dollars for assistance in transfer to property of the land plot of 20 hectares. The detention was carried out by the staff of Management on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area together with the staff of Anti-corruption bureau of Head department on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Given to operation it was carried out with involvement of fighters of special forces the Organized Crime Control Department "Falcon".

We provide the letter of mother of the detainee without editings and reductions.

The fight against corruption subject is today fashionable. It willingly discuss in collectives, transport and in the markets.

In too time society knows the mass of examples when behind ardent speeches and allegedly resolute actions the desire, and sometimes and the direct order for elimination of the objectionable official, the pig-headed businessman is hidden.

Additional activization of fight against corrupt officials is caused by approach of elections.

It is easy to imitate a solution: it is simple to appoint enemies, corrupt officials.

And still it and is favorable as partially distracts the people from poverty and household disorder.

Half a year ago the Internet simply went to pieces from information about "caught" of a bribe в.и.о. chairman of the New Odessa administration I. Nikolayenko.

On a wave of "just anger" nobody wanted to penetrate into the facts and to study circumstances. In Odessa speak "Senya, fry fish. - So it isn't present. - Senya, fry. Fish will be then". In Odessa - speak, in Nova Odesse - do.
Business was as follows.

In the middle of 2007 at the former management of the district state administration with the statement heads of a certain limited liability company L addressed. and Page

They asked to lease to them the land plot of 23 hectares located within the Guryev Village Council. Thereof the order about preparation of the project of land management of this site was issued.

At the end of the following 2008 the necessary package of documents on transfer of a site to rent arrived in the New Odessa RDA, which in quality в.и.о. the chairman I. Nikolayenko directed already.

Further documents needed to be prepared and submitted for consideration of session of the New Odessa regional council, it is demanded by the changes made to the land legislation on the basis of the Law 509-VI from September 16, 2008.

Once again I focus attention that independently I. Nikolayenko couldn't resolve an issue of transfer of the earth in rent. It is competence of a depuy corps, with which about force of internal arrangement of political forces at в.и.о. the chairman there were far not simple relations.

Therefore, opportunity to hide similar actions from other officials of the area and from local governments was simply excluded.

But the most interesting that the ill-fated site any more wasn't at that time ownerless. It in 2006 leased to other open company which N.'s citizen


Why it simply didn't give a site to L sublease. and S., becomes clear only when all scheme of artificial retraction of I. Nikolayenko in this dirty performance with allocation to it a leading role - "the villain - the bribe taker" was designated.

I. Nikolayenko from the very beginning of work met great difficulties in the new work. All its undertakings on establishing order in the area were simply sabotaged and caused rigid counteraction from the settled groups of their number of local businessmen and officials, including such which have mandates of deputies of regional council.

One only the fact of that three from four vice-chairmen of RGA from the moment of I. Nikolayenko's appointment and before his arrest were on the sick-list, getting paid, speaks about much.

As the new person in the area, wasn't going to be reconciled by I. Nikolayenko with the developed system and the more so to fit into it. The district state administration through court carried some case against regional council.

The young head was exposed to pressure and provocations daily. But when also they didn't bring result, large-scale operation on discredit and elimination of the objectionable official began.

The L mentioned above. S., N. became the tool in hands of "the real owners" Novoodesshchina.

Charge of receiving a bribe, at all without being proved, it is capable to ruin reputation of the person instantly. It generates round it social vacuum. The fear for itself shuts mouths even to those who knows many years the colleague, the neighbor, the friend and trusted it.

Startlers about a capture in the act Igor Nikolayenko instantly filled air and the mass media page. No capture in the act existed. At the time of so-called transfer of a bribe I. Nikolayenko visited in Nova Odesse.

Money was simply thrown to the Nikolaev apartment by familiar N. which spent a lot of time and forces for a gain of trust of a family of Nikolayenko. And this "operation" was planned not one month.

Nikolayenko's family has the usual three-room apartment which after a wedding in 1996 got by means of parents, and also the car of the same year of release.

No other property and assets have. All this can easily be checked, including through tax authorities. Here only it is interesting to nobody to carry out such inspection. What for? the Created image of the villain well is entered in loud slogans about a fast victory over corruption.

Quite so it is necessary to consider and the next lie extended through local mass media, about allegedly found expensive BMW registered addressed to Nikolayenko. And after all it actually isn't present. Also was never. But who will begin to doubt words of the brave minister.

Today I. Nikolayenko is seriously sick. Half a year it contains in a pre-trial detention center. Without rendering medical care he had pneumonia, the hypertension and arterial hypertension became aggravated, constant hypertensive crises take place.

All this is testified by doctors, but any petitions for carrying out is judicial - medical examination consequences simply remain unaddressed. There is an impression that there simply wait when diseases will win against its organism, and "there is no person - there is no problem".

Full investigative actions were made by the investigator of the State Office of Public Prosecutor last time in February, 2009.The confrontation which was carried out by the Nikolaev investigator in the middle of May, began with its instructing of the same applicants of L. and With, and this justice in the presence of the lawyer Nikolayenko was violated.

From I. Nikolayenko's wife demand to admit that she acted with it in arrangement consciously I received money in the form of a bribe, demand to stipulate the husband, threatening to place otherwise it in a pre-trial detention center, and to send the child to a boarding school. Thus to it all the time prompt that there are certain ways "to solve a problem" …

On July 27 expires the term of carrying out a pretrial investigation. Bodies of prosecutor's office are obliged is reasoned to prove in Appellate court of basis for extension of a consequence and preservation of the chosen measure of restraint. Approach of terms provokes a work involving all hands in work of law enforcement agencies. One by one on interrogations relatives are called.

Psychological pressure is put upon them, them frankly blackmail. There is an impression what exactly now any fact from I. Nikolayenko's biography demands urgent investigation.

Thus say that further judicial prospect doesn't deal. However its closing can strongly discredit prosecutor's office and the Organized Crime Control Department. If in court eventually it becomes clear that Igor Nikolayenko's "business" appeared falsification, someone will have to bear for it responsibility.

And nobody wants it. After all to destroy a family, to bend human destinies at us much more simply, than to ruin career of the law enforcement officer.

N. N. Nikolayenko

From "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT":
>As we see, the party of protection accused became more active recently. Obvious attempts again to give to this business public a resonance are noticeable. It not the only publication in which attempt "to bleach" the suspect is looked through. We will remind,"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"published article which appeared in the authoritative All-Ukrainian edition "Mirror of Week", in which the flaws of law enforcement agencies allowed at investigation of this business were specified.

With what such activity of the party of protection of I. Nikolayenko in giving of own position on the this case is connected? The answer to this question in the letter is given by mother of the suspect: "on July 27 expires the term of carrying out a pretrial investigation.Bodies of prosecutor's office are obliged is reasoned to prove in Appellate court of basis for extension of a consequence and preservation of the chosen measure of restraint. Approach of terms provokes a work involving all hands in work of law enforcement agencies. One by one on interrogations relatives" are called.

It is possible to assume that thus the party of protection tries to affect bodies which hold a pretrial investigation on this criminal case and on court which will have to make on July 27 any decision. Though hardly, all these publications will be taken into account by representatives of a judicial branch of the power.

And on postdock - it is poorly believed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office would bring criminal case and detained so high-ranking official moreover and so approached to the present governor of the Nikolaev area, without having for this purpose strong reasons. Possibly, with evidential base at militiamen all all right.

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