Nikolaev Unpshniki consider that Tymoshenko can report in a habitual manner about achievements on increase of level of a tenization of economy

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"-not world financial crisis as reports Ministry of Economics, and boundless corruption and infinite attempts of the government "to squeeze out" of economy as much as possible taxes for bribery of citizens by increase in social expenses before the next elections" is the main reason of growth of level of an illegalization of economy, - the first deputy chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party, Candidate of Economic Sciences Alexey MIROSHNICHENKO so commented on information of Ministry of Economics concerning growth of level of a tenization of the Ukrainian economy from 28% in 2008 to 32% in the present. About it reports a press - UNP Nikolaev regional organization service.

According to Miroshnichenko, "the "shadow" economy is indispensable attribute of all socially - economic systems, and in the conditions of an economic crisis level increase the illegalizatsionykh of processes is really natural because business by reduction of volume of payment of taxes tries to compensate decrease in the income from production realization, and thus to outstrip competitors. At the same time, artificial exaggeration of real danger which proceeds from illegalny sector of economy, doesn't allow to counteract effectively to this phenomenon".

"In "shadow" sector of economy researchers allocate three segments: "informal" - unformalized activity within households and separate groups of citizens on providing the paid services, not taxed;"hidden" - part of legal activity of economic subjects who officially either it isn't considered at all, or is minimized for the purpose of evasion from the taxation, "criminal" - the activity forbidden by the law (production and sale of drugs, corruption, smuggling, etc.). And as the main negative from existence of the first two components is failure to pay the taxes, all actions of the state have to be directed on their legalization. Tymoshenko's actions on a post the prime minister - the minister of increase of level of the taxation of business owners, a gaming ban, increase in duties on production of a domestic production exhaust economy in "shadow"" only even more - the representative of UNP emphasizes.

In his opinion "in Ukraine the "shadow" sector is a certain stabilizing factor which allows to lower level of negative impact on the enterprise environment from government bodies rather, promoting that to preservation of economy and functioning of its legal sector. And therefore actions of the state have to be directed not on destruction of "shadow" sector, and on its exit from "shadow" that can be reached only for the account, on the one hand, reduction of tax pressure, and with another - introductions of control of tax service behind expenses of natural persons for the purpose of determination of their compliance to the official income".

"For now, the prime minister TYMOSHENKO in a manner of the Soviet official reports inherent in it about "the next achievements of a national economy" can report and about "essential increase of level of a tenization of economy" which was reached including thanks to its "innovation", - reports a press - service of the Ukrainian people's party.


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