Oleg Novikov: For walk with a bull terrier without muzzle — a penalty of 500 hryvnias

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The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Civil movement"National self-defense",curator of the Nikolaev area Oleg Novikovsuggests to increase significantly the size of penalties for violation of the rules of the maintenance of dogs to protect citizens from attacks of aggressive animals.

The majority of citizens already faced that owners of dogs very often come with them to public places or walk them without leads and muzzles. "Unfortunately, citizens who are owners of dogs, forget that the animal is not only a pet, but also a source of the increased danger, in particular it concerns potentially aggressive breeds of dog", - speaksOleg Novikovin the explanatory note to the bill. Now in the capital about 10 thousand dogs of potentially aggressive breeds are, and annually about 5 thousand citizens suffer from teeth of these house "favourites", thus every fifth victim - the child. "Special concern is caused with that very often children who in the early childhood have moral and/or psychological frustration" suffer from aggression of dogs, - the representative of "self-defense" added.

According to the deputy, such situation first of all is connected withinsufficient sanctions, which the current legislation, in particular,provides for violatorsarticle 154 of the Code about administrative offenses. Oleg NovikovI noted that for violation of the rules of the maintenance of dogs guilty, as a rule, receives onlyprevention. Therefore the representative of "National self-defense" offers in generalto excludesuch norm of punishment, as the prevention, and the size of existing penalties significantlyto increase. In particular, a penalty for a continence of unregistered dogs, for walking of dogs without leads and muzzles or for walking in the places not taken away for this purposewith 17-51 UAH to increase to 340-510 UAH. If the offense did harm to health of the person or to property, it is offered on guilty to impose a penalty in a size680-850 UAH (now the penalty makes from 51 to 85 UAH).

Oleg NovikovI noted that this bill submitted to Rada - only the first step on an establishing order way among pets and their owners."The following that I want to make - to enter criminal liability for violation of the rules of the maintenance of animals.In particular, if the dog showed aggression to the owners, it has to be surely destroyed to prevent its attack on other people. If owners suppressed the aggression fact, they have to incur for it criminal liability", - the deputy noted.Oleg NovikovI gave an example of the American legislation in which exist rigid, but are necessary for safety of people of standard of the treatment of animals: if the owner didn't declare the aggression fact from the favourite, it is threatened by a huge penalty or even prison term. According to the deputy, in Ukraine it is necessary to regulate also rigidly rules of walking of dogs of so-called "combative" breeds which can make danger to people around. "Rules accurately register in the civilized world if you bring such dog to walk, even length and lead durability, not to mention obligatory use of a muzzle. Our owners of such dogs very often allow them to walk as will take in head, as a result - thousands of citizens bitten by dogs annually", - addedOleg Novikov.


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