Cases of Tymoshenko, Lutsenko and Zhvaniya's attempts aren't closed

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Cases of attempts at life of politicians Yulia Timoshenko, David Zhvaniya and Yury Lutsenko are still investigated.

The former head of department of state protection Valery Geletey told about it in interview to the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper.

Answering a question, whether data on attempts at known politicians which he declared earlier were confirmed, Geletya told:

"Once I declared preparation of attempts - on Yulia Timoshenko, David Zhvaniya and Yury Lutsenko. I want you to ask - as my words had to be confirmed? Had to kill someone from protected persons? "

"My information on attempts was absolutely truthful, and confirmation to it is that fact that the corresponding criminal case is still investigated. If it was misinformation, business would be closed already", - he declared.

The ex-the chief of UGO confirmed that threats ex-to the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloge also were investigated - in 2008 it was threatened allegedly by one of the high-ranking officials in the government.

"There too there was an investigation. I wasn't engaged in it therefore I won't make comments", - told Geletya.

He also confirmed that there were also other messages on preparation of attempts at known politicians.

"We repeatedly had messages on threat of life of protected persons. And each time we strengthened protection depending on that, threat is how serious. Such messages always were and will be at least for the reason that in the country there are inadequate and mentally sick people who nourish idea of crimes against officials", - told Geletya who till July 14 headed UGO which protects the top officials of the state.


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