Provincial crime: the tyrant from the District Department of Internal Affairs

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Lugina, Zhitomir area, are located in a picturesque place. This quiet, quiet place. Population of only 4,5 thousand people. But two years ago there was an incident which shook locals. It is a question of the private, from the point of view of the Criminal code, a case - rape. Here only in the center of scandal there was an employee of the Luginsky District Department of Internal Affairs, and it represents business a little in other light.

The woman who was as the fates decree fated to play a fatal role lives of the militiaman, at all didn't assume that something can happen to it similar. The vein to itself young mother - the single, brought up the daughter Lenochka. Until recently Svetlana had a family, but, having not for long lived together, they got divorced from husband. According to Svetlana, not the last role was played in it by her mother-in-law who excessively sponsored the only son. Even I came to take away things together with the son moreover and I invited militiamen.

Here also there is our hero. We will call him Ivan Sidoruk (names and surnames of characters for ethical reasons are changed. - Editor's note). For the first time it appeared in this house as obliges. Ivan was married, moreover, was going to become the father. Though, according to fellows villager, abuses alcohol, it was repeatedly convicted of doubtful communications. But from troubles it was protected by "crust" of the police officer. It is known that impunity can generate lawlessness.

Later few months after the above event, having decently loaded with two colleagues alcohol, Ivan decided to pay to Svetlana the second visit. The way to the purpose lay through highly located window, and that will reach it, the militiaman substituted a log. I withdrew glass from a window frame by means of a penknife and accurately I put to a wall.

Time was after midnight. Svetlana already started dozing at the TV. Nearby in the bed the four-year-old daughter snuffled in a dream. Further, from her words, there was a following. It seemed to the woman that from a dark aperture of kitchen someone watches it.After this clear rustle was heard, the shadow was thrown and nestled on a slip-up. Doubts couldn't be - in the house someone was... But who? At the husband of keys from the house wasn't, means...

Struggling with fear, Svetlana approached kitchen and right there face to face faced the uninvited guest. Despite bad lighting, the night visitor was identified that caused an unexpected attack of aggression from his party. Without choosing expressions, it it is quite concrete - actions and words - I designated the purpose of the visit, having added that if Svetlana will go obstinate or shout, her daughter will be comprehended by the same fate. Cold steel of a knife which the tyrant put to a victim throat was the last telling argument. Svetlana needed to do nothing how to obey...

... Two hours the drunk militiaman as she claims, forced the woman in the perverted form. Thus I didn't let go a knife which hung on a sheaf with keys together with a counter of the employee of militia. For execution all the time Svetlana didn't utter words - was afraid to wake the daughter who quite could fall the following victim of a sexual whim of the militiaman reveling in the impunity. Before leaving, Sidoruk once again properly intimidated the victim: "All the same anything to me won't be. And here you, you will take in head if to stir, I will precisely kill, on pieces I will cut, I will dig, and nobody will find. You think, you the first such? ".

But the woman didn't begin to be silent. As soon as the tyrant was dissolved in a gloom of night; Svetlana, overcoming pain, I dialed the first number which remembered. The phone was picked up by the former spouse. He - that also persuaded her to address in militia.

And what our hero? It which has been quite satisfied with life, went to the pregnant wife and was filled up to sleep. The police squad which accompanied the colleague in native office where Svetlana already gave evidences woke him. It is necessary to tell that at the first stage employees of the Luginsky District Department of Internal Affairs made everything from them depending: accepted and issued in due form an application, organized the car to Zhitomir where the victim was examined by the doctor - the proctologist of gorodeky hospital No. 2 and, by the way, I confirmed the rape fact.

To the same opinion experts who else till the dawn received all necessary proofs from a scene inclined also. It would seem circumstances are established. But further the following begins. Sidoruk released, than Ivan didn't fail to use - was declared to Svetlana. She tells that he entreated and begged about forgiveness.In return tried to affect morally Svetlana and relatives now the former militiaman - mother and the pregnant wife. But whether Svetlana could forgive him? Naturally, the woman remained unshakable.

Business it long was in prosecutor's office of the Luginsky area. It is curious that all event tried to explain with a mutual consent. Ivan Sidoruk adheres to such indications also. Allegedly the woman herself invited him to the house, to change the broken glass in a window too itself asked. At 12 o'clock in the morning?

But conclusions of experts specify that took out the intact glass from the outer side to what character of fingerprints testifies. Again - the fact of violent sexual intercourse was confirmed also by the doctor - the proctologist. And still the knife, that with which the offender allegedly threatened the victim appears in business.

Nevertheless, on June 18, 2007 the prosecutor's office of the Luginsky area refuses initiation of legal proceedings in view of artificiality of the reasons the dissatisfied party. With what the Luginsky district court which sent business for additional consideration twice disagreed. It is remarkable that in this resolution the investigator of prosecutor's office why - that was limited to the description of events according to its participants and, on the contrary, didn't specify the reason... refusal in initiation of legal proceedings therefore it isn't known, which proofs lacks.

The complaint of the victim whom she treated in hope to protest actions of the investigator of prosecutor's office, on July 23, 2007 also rejected. Than gave to Svetlana a reason to send the appeal complaint to the resolution of Luginsky court to trial chamber on criminal cases of Zhitomir appellate court where this resolution on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings was cancelled.

After all these peripetias business got to Korostensky prosecutor's office where is to this day. All this time the former militiaman whom of bodies dismissed with the formulation "at own will", is at large. The wife didn't refuse it, on the contrary, gave birth to one more child. Children, by the way, - an excellent occasion to avoid criminal penalty. I hope, we learn soon, what final is prepared this history. According to the lawyer of the victim Victor Antonyuk, there is a hope that criminal case will be brought.


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