In the center of Kiev of Ugoshniki from the car of Balogi threatened Byutovtsu with the gun?

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The deputy from BYuTVsevolod BorodinI addressed with the statement in militia that unknown threatened it with the gun in the center of Kiev.

About it it is spoken in the message of department of communications from the public of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev.

According to the statement of Borodino, about 13 hours 30 minutes, moving on own car on Sagaydachny St. together with the wife, he became a witness "rough violation of the rules of traffic from unknown to it persons who moved on the A-8 Audi brand car.

"When the deputy made the remark to people for the termination of the illegal actions, one of unknown opened a passenger window of the car, and having leaned out, directed towards the deputy the gun. After the appeal of the deputy to law enforcement agencies for detention of suspects all police squads and soon a police squad were focused detained the searched car on Kontraktovaya Square", - is told in the message.

According to militia, in the car there were three employees of UGO who refused flatly to offer explanations concerning threats to the deputy.

Besides, it is found out that the registration plate which was in the Audi car, belongs to other car which is registered on Balogu Pyotr Ivanovich.

After arrival on a scene of police officers, they made the decision on car withdrawal for check on participation in the events connected with the deputy Borodin.

"However officers of UGO in categorical refused to provide to a form the car for check. Thus they threatened with firearms application in a populous place against employees of militia. In a few minutes to a scene there arrived deputies Mikhail Polyanchich and Igor Kril who, being covered with parliamentary immunity, showed resistance and didn't allow employees of militia to withdraw the car, threatening to dismiss thus the head of Podolsk district management of militia", - claim in militia.

"This event causes indignation in employees of militia. People's Deputies of Ukraine showed legal nihilism, openly having made illegal actions. The behavior of these deputies during incident is recorded by technical means", - declare in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Materials will be transferred to prosecutor's office for decision-making according to the current legislation.

At the same time in "The uniform center" call the statement a press - services of the Kiev militia "one of components of purposely planned and carried-out provocation against party".

In the statement, extended a press - service ETs, it is told that on Wednesday after a dinner the member of presidium of ETs Mikhail Polyanchich, "in fact, was attacked from the armed police officers".

"Near one of cafe on capital Kontraktovaya Square where it stopped to drink coffee, they rushed into its car. Militiamen motivated the invasion to the statement of a certain People's Deputy (later specified that is a question of the deputy from BYuT of Borodino), who suspected that from this car it was threatened allegedly by the armed people", - is told in the message.

In ETs note that in the blocked car really was two employees of Management of the state protection, "which security functions of the member of the same party Polyanchich, ex-the head of the secretariat president Victor Balogi carry out for today".

According to ETs, militiamen "under the direction of the administration from district management and a capital central board tried to take away this car from parking near office of the Uniform Center".

"There the deputy, the leader of the party Igor Kril interfered with incident. On a question of the bases and legal procedures which have to regulate actions of militiamen, it wasn't given any definite answer", - it is told in the message.

Upon incident Polyanchich addressed to the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko with the missive in which stated all circumstances of this business "for appropriate reaction".


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