The chief cynologists of all regions of Ukraine arrived to Nikolaev. To us was, than to brag

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Crime scene. Sometimes the most valuable trace which is left by the malefactor, the smell is. Having found any thing which was left by the criminal, the investigator hides it in bank. This thing, for example, a handkerchief, can lie so both 10, and 20 years. Later this time in case of need the guard dog can pick up a trail of the criminal on the handkerchief "preserved" in bank.

Certainly, it isn't obligatory for four-footed investigators to wait for the whole 20 years to catch the murderer. For example, recently the chief of Film logical service Sergey Zhitnyak reported to the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Evdokimov on such case. In a well found a corpse which lay there more than 18 hours. The dog picked up a trail of the murderer only on a smell from a well.

Guard dogs make similar feats and in the Nikolaev area. For example, on July 8 on long-distance bus station a dog Biwa specified to militiamen on 37 - the summer man. At a search at it found two sabers and two knifes of handicraft work. Besides, the detainee was already condemned before.

And on July 9 in Vradiyevke the thief through a window got into others house and stole 1500 hryvnias and the mobile phone. When to the place of there arrived cynologists with a dog, to a dog to Gore pointed to a visible print of a trace of the criminal. Gore moved cynologists on the street, ran some houses, and pointed to the thief - the neighbor of the victim.

And about a month ago Gene's dog found in the Ship region of two hooligans who beat nikolayevets.

The film logical center at Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is in the Nikolaev area before Shirokobalsky Bridge. Last year it looked simply awfully. Now it as if revived from ashes.

Exactly here heads of all regional film logical services of Ukraine gathered on July 23 to sum up the results of the work for half a year, to share experience, to brag of achievements and to discuss mistakes.

The seminar was conducted by the chief of Film logical service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the militia colonelSergey Zhitnyak.

- For the last seven months cynologists on more than 17 thousand times all Ukraine left on a crime scene, - he told. - That is, practically always in structure it is investigative - task force the cynologist with a dog leaves. The cynologist with a dog have to be the first on a place of commission of crime. With their help 7 244 offenses are opened. The Kharkov area has the most indicative achievements - 720 crimes by means of the cynologist with a dog there are solved. That is daily cynologists leave on three - four crime scenes. I think that it is good indicators. The best indicators now in Poltava region where in each regional department of militia there is a cynologist with a guard dog. At any time this cynologist can leave on a place and do everything possible to solve a crime.

And here inThe Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, Zaporozhye, Lvov areas and in the Crimeathe indicator of participation of cynologists with dogs in disclosure of crimes considerably decreased in comparison with the similar period of last year. Thus it is necessary to consider thatLvov area and Simferopol- the only places in Ukraine where there is no film logical center. InLvivthe situation reached to the point of absurdity - dogs are, cynologists are, and the film logical center isn't present. Sergey Zhitnyak told that several years ago in this city the film logical center was. But the Jewish community addressed to the president Kuchma and asked to transfer the film logical center to other place because on a place of the real center during war in large quantities shot Jews. The community undertook to finance construction of the new film logical center. Jews gave money but when after elections the power exchanged, it appeared that managed to build only naked walls. On it business ended.

Sergey ZhitnyakI praised cynologistsDnieper highway(Dnepropetrovsk). Thus that in staff only three experts, they managed to solve 40 crimes on the railroad.

As for problems, the chief cynologist of Ukraine called such. In some regions of the cynologist with a dog don't include in structure it is investigative - task force. The reason - that overlooked, that forgot, that didn't check and so forth.

As for the Nikolaev film logical center, itSergey ZhitnyakI didn't include it in the list of the caused most a stir.However very much I praised.

- The Nikolaev area since the Soviet Union was engaged in cultivation of dogs for all Ukraine, - he told. - I think that we will support these traditions. Especially as the chief of film logical service 18 years here, on a place, and the Nikolaev center will make a powerful contribution to development of cynology of Ukraine. That is, will grow up dogs for all Ukraine. Opportunities for this purpose are - 160 open-air cages. Such number of open-air cages isn't present in one film logical center of area. That we saw today in the Nikolaev area, struck us - rooms are repaired, created all conditions for work. You represent, in nine months to lift the film logical center from ruins, from ruins! Thus that staff - 11 people. I think that to the following seminar the Nikolaev cynologists will be engaged in the direct business - disclosure of crimes, instead of repair of buildings.

As the deputy chief of the Nikolaev film logical centertoldOleg Zelinsky, now in the center there are 50 dogs: 2 dogs ekspertno - the criminalistic center, 15 search, 21 patrulno - search, 1 for search of explosive devices and firearms, 1 for search of drugs, 4 sentry, 6 breeding.

- For half a year with assistance of film logical services of the Nikolaev area 189 crimes are solved, - toldOleg Zelinsky. - Including 4 murders, 1 heavy corporal, 16 robberies and robberies, 6 thefts of the state property, 19 thefts of own property and others. Besides, by means of dogs 118 offenders were detained.

Chief cynologist of UkraineSergey ZhitnyakI predicted that to the following seminar which will take place in a year, the Nikolaev center will show excellent results.

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