Staff of the Ship District Department of Internal Affairs will repeatedly understand a situation with podstrely a puppy

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that in Nikolaev shot at a pet, but the chief of regional department didn't see in it neither hooligan motives, nor cruelty.

On Sunday, it was 3-го May, the owner of a dog Natalya with the daughter were at home. About 10 o'clock in the morning the woman looked out in a window and found trails of blood in the house yard. Having suspected wrong, Natalya ran out to the yard and called a dog. After a while Eve approached to the hostess - the right side of a neck and the right forepaw were in blood.

Wounded dog brought to a veterinary clinic where her sent to a X-ray which confirmed a bullet wound. During operation to withdraw sat down at a body of an animal a bullet it wasn't possible from - for the physiological complications menacing to life of a puppy. Today Eve's condition on - former causes fears as the bullet can be displaced in any direction and even to enter heart.

Owners of a dog suspect the neighbor with whom they had intense relations of an event. According to Natalya, from this man repeatedly for many years threats to her grandmother who is the owner of the house arrived. Thus he didn't explain the reason of such behavior.

After a dog operated, owners of a wounded animal wrote the application in Ship regional department of militia. An attempt to talk to the neighbor was also made. When the speech came about operation cost, from the man the phrase followed: "So how many, you speak, operation cost, what I shot at your dog?... Well, I will think - to give or not". The phrase "Yes was quite eloquent nobody also the person after all not a dog" was going to shoot at you …. The audio recording of this conversation was transferred to law enforcement agencies.

However the chief of Ship regional department V. Coba refused initiation of legal proceedings as "it isn't possible to establish existence in its actions (the shooting - an edition) hooligan or mercenary motive, circumstances of causing to a dog of damage don't testify to mockery with application of cruel methods".And with the neighbor for the purpose of prevention discussion about inadmissibility of commission of crimes and offenses, maintenance of good-neighbourhood was led.

Having received formal replies from regional prosecutor's office and regional department, owners of a dog addressed in the Nikolaev city society of protection of the rights of animals. On behalf of the organization the application already in regional prosecutor's office was written.

And here, as it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", after consideration of the address of the Nikolaev city society of protection of the rights of animals, materials on this fact were again sent to Ship regional department of militia on a dorassledovaniye.

Representatives of the Nikolaev city society of protection of the rights of animals and owners of a wounded puppy hoped that this time law enforcement officers will more carefully consider these materials and will understand an event.


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