Sevastopolets "hands - scissors" arrived to Nikolaev to win the heart of the girl thefts

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33- the summer three times judged inhabitant of Sevastopol unbound last time in 2007, possessed uncommon quality - to open doors of cars by means of scissors. Thanks to this ability I profited on someone else's property. And moreover, having moved about a year ago to the beloved in page Pribuzhskoye of the Nikolaev area, on livelihood to a young family he began "to earn", making thefts from cars in Nikolaev. Generally I took autoradio tape recorders.

So, on July 18 he made thefts of radio tape recorders from two cars in the Ship area, and 21-го to it "has the luck" to get hold, except the multimedia center, also an air gun of "PM" of PR 654 to.

As report in sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia, for this guest from Sevastopol 5 episodes of thefts are already established. The stolen radio tape recorders it marketed in the Kolos market.

Now the lady's man "hands - scissors" is in a pre-trial detention center, it is threatened by 5 years of imprisonment, the investigation is carried.


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