Now wine of Pukacha can consider proved?

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The deputy public prosecutor Nikolay Golomsha considers that after detection of fragments of the skull which were allegedly belonging to the journalist Georgy Gongadze, in the place specified by the general Alexey Pukachem, wine of the last can consider proved.

"Fragments are found exactly there where specified Pukach. He called to us a place of burial of the head of Gongadze", - Golomsha told the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper.

In his opinion, events of Tuesday, July 28, didn't help an investigation in search of customers of murder of Gongadze, but served as the excess proof of fault of Pukacha.

"In principle, we and so had the proofs exposing Pukacha as the organizer of murder of Gongadze. But for a consequence this very sign event", - was told by the deputy public prosecutor.

In turn, the lawyer Sergey Osyka which services of Pukach while refused, is sure that now his former client has no chances of a justification.

"Time decided to cooperate Pukach with the investigation, the lawyer isn't necessary to it. Now he can count only on indulgence of judges who at adjudgement, probably, will consider the fact of the help to a consequence", - Osyka told.

Earlier the lawyer expressed opinion that Pukach refused his services for the period of pre-judicial investigation either under pressure, or for the reasons.

It is known that on Tuesday, July 28 near Sukholesa's village of the Belotserkovsky region of Kiev region investigators found "skull fragments which can belong to Georgy Gongadze".

Sukholisa's village already was called earlier as a place of murder of Gongadze - during trial of three employees of department of external supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Valery Kostenko, Alexander Popovic and Nikolay Protasov who confessed that accompanied the general - the militia lieutenant Alexey Pukacha and on his order took out on September 16, 2000 the journalist out of borders of Kiev and killed.

In a sentence of Appellate court of Kiev on them, in particular, it was spoken: "In the wood near Sukholisa's village of the Belotserkovsky region of Kiev region Alexander Popovic near a place of a stop of the car dug out a rectangular hole. After that Protasov and Kostenko brought the journalist out of the car and tumbled down on the earth the person down.. ".

These events occurred in 20 km from the Tarashchansky wood where in November, 2000 the decapitated corpse which examination recognized subsequently as Gongadze's body was found. The court didn't establish as the corpse appeared not in Sukholisakh, and in the Tarashchansky wood and why murderers cut the head (according to case papers, Gongadze strangled).

As reported sources of the "Kommersant" in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, now investigators should establish, for what purpose the body was reburied.


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