Nikolaev took the 26th place in a rating of the cities of Ukraine, in which "well to live"

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Ukrainians even more often change a residence in search of the best life. Inhabitants of regions go to the capital behind high salaries, inhabitants of Kiev often, on the contrary, lease the apartments and move to the province, where life quieter. Where it is best of all to live in Ukraine?

The Fokus magazine analyzes the second year in a row living conditions in 55 largest cities more than in ten parameters.

As a result Chernovtsy which and last year got to the five are recognized as the best city of Ukraine. On the second place there was Kiev, the third position is taken by resort Yalta.

It is interesting that in the first ten the cities of the western regions are generally presented, and large industrial centers of the East appeared in the bottom of the list: Dnepropetrovsk (44-е place), Donetsk (46), Kharkov (50). The last, 55-е takes a place Zaporozhye.

In the separate nominations there were also winners:

Kiev - as well as in a last year's rating - remains the most attractive city both for investors, and for tourists. Here the lowest unemployment rate and the highest salaries. For each inhabitant of Kiev it is spent most of all budgetary funds. And no wonder that in our capital the most large migratory increase.

Kerch became the leader on infrastructure development.

Chernigov received a title of the most environmentally friendly.

In Kolomye - the lowest crime rate.

In Simferopol - the most available zhilishchno - utilities.

Pike perch - the city with the highest concentration of historical and cultural objects.

TOP of-10 best cities of the country

1. Chernovtsy
2. Kiev
3. Yalta
4. Chernigov
5. Ivano - Frankovsk
6. Mukachevo
7. Truskavets
8. Ilyichevsk
9. Lviv
10. Lutsk

The cities were estimated on infrastructure (to number of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and the markets), considering improvement level, ecology, crime, unemployment, investment and tourist appeal.

The social aspect of the analysis mentioned an average salary, cost zhilishchno - utilities, the average cost of square meter which characterizes availability of housing, number of higher education institutions of III and IV levels of accreditation, and also number of theaters and movie theaters, houses and palaces of culture, monuments of architecture, history and archeology and the historian - cultural reserves.

Investigated also business opportunities of the cities - number of the enterprises and business owners, and also level of penetration of the banking services, the allocated sums from the city budget and population shift.

TOP of-55 cities of Ukraine

  1. Chernovtsy
  2. Yalta
  3. Chernigov
  4. Ivano - Frankovsk
  5. Mukachevo
  6. Truskavets
  7. Ilyichevsk
  8. Lviv
  9. Lutsk
  10. Ирпень
  11. Sevastopol
  12. Kamenets - Podolsk
  13. Коломыя
  14. Khmelnytsky
  15. Simferopol
  16. Uzhgorod
  17. Pereyaslav - Khmelnytsky
  18. Poltava
  19. Odessa
  20. Ternopol
  21. Svalyava
  22. Mirgorod
  23. Kirovograd
  24. White Church
  25. Feodosiya
  26. Nikolaev
  27. Uman
  28. Jail
  29. Not silences
  30. Sumy
  31. Cherkassy
  32. Zhitomir
  33. Yuzhnoukrainsk
  34. Alushta
  35. Exactly
  36. Vinnytsia
  37. Power gift
  38. Borispol
  39. Kherson
  40. Pike perch
  41. Vyshgorod
  42. Pavlograd
  43. Dnepropetrovsk
  44. Mariupol
  45. Donetsk
  46. Kerch
  47. Kremenchug
  48. Brovara
  49. Kharkov
  50. Berdyansk
  51. Artemovsk
  52. Evpatoria
  53. Lugansk
  54. Zaporozhye.

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