Lutsenko and Piskuna want to punish too in the case of Gongadze

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The deputy Grigory Omelchenko will demand to bring the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko to a disciplinary responsibility for a tightening with detention of the general Alexey Pukacha.

"I will demand attraction to a disciplinary responsibility of the present management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which six years looked for Alexey Pukacha", - Omelchenko "toldTo Ukraine young".

On specifying question, whether it has in view of the present Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, the deputy told: "Certainly! "

"It is improbable, but six years Alexey Pukach was wanted. According to official statements of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU, borders of Ukraine it didn't cross, and couldn't find it. It testifies or to nonprofessionalism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or that anybody seriously wasn't engaged in search of Pukacha - moreover, to it helped to avoid arrest", - Omelchenko declared.

"After all the general prosecutor Medvedko and the deputy head of SBU on a press - conferences declared that they at a certain stage knew a place of stay of Pukacha in Lugansk and Donetsk areas, but he didn't manage to be detained as someone "merged" Pukachu information on his possible detention", - he added.

"Means, the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular and Lutsenko, it has to be made responsible. After all search of Pukacha - a direct obligation of militia. The Ministry of Internal Affairs unless made office investigation why Pukacha so much time couldn't detain? It is necessary to answer these and other questions and to present heads of militia", - the deputy emphasized.

Besides, Omelchenko is convinced that responsible has to be made and ex-the public prosecutor Svyatoslav Piskun, "which at the head of GPU didn't investigate this case (of Gongadze's murder) properly".

"Piskun has to bear criminal liability for rejection of appropriate measures for timely criminal prosecution (the victim ex-Interior Ministers) Kravchenko", - the deputy declares, emphasizing that Piskun didn't react to the prevention that "if won't detain Kravchenko now, it won't reach to the State Office of Public Prosecutor".

Omelchenko also reported that in September, "depending on, whether will be excited criminal affairs against Kuchma, Litvin and others", it will inform PACE at session on an appropriate or inadequate legal investigation of Gongadze's murder by already present public prosecutor Medvedko.

"As business is on personal control of the president Yushchenko, I will direct the deputy address to the head of state that it within the powers gave the corresponding instructions to the State Office of Public Prosecutor on accountability of all involved in stealing and Georgy Gongadze's murder and commission of other crimes of a mode of Kuchma", - the deputy reported.


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