Reservoir Dogs or How to come back home live and safe

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Late evening. Desert gate. Any rustle in a sandbox. On the yard, clinking heels, there is a young girl. She was late at work, and from a warm cosiness of the house it separate only couple of tens steps. Suddenly - spiteful roar. In the light of a lamp canines flashed. One moment, jump a bloodcurdling scream, blood and pieces of the torn to pieces flesh on dirty asphalt …

It not tasteless imitation Quentin Tarantino and not bad parody to the thriller. And severe reality of city life.

Irina and her 4 - the summer daughter Dasha went to hospital of one of the districts of Kharkov Saturday morning, before them the big dog ran. Suddenly she turned back - and rushed off directly on them. Having tumbled down people on the earth, it began to bite them while to the aid of them neighbors and passersby didn't come. As a result to the woman the dog almost tore off an ear, and strongly bit a foot, disregarding numerous bruises and scratches. Besides it lost a lot of blood. The girl has also three stings, and the most severe psychological trauma.

Fall of 2008. The Lugansk regional Center of health reported that in 9 months in fracture clinics addressed 6076 people who were injured from stings of animals. For the first 6 months of the current year disturbing information on growth of our populations "brothers smaller" and their aggressions in relation to people arrived from Kiev, Donetsk, Sumy, Kharkov, Exactly, Nikolaev, Odessa. Studying this information stream, it is simple to notice that the situation leaves from - under control. It is aggravated with that dogs by the nature gregarious animals and find sooner or later to themselves the company, forming the packs reaching on number two tens individuals.

To ask for the help local authorities after acceptance in 2005. The law "About Protection of Animals against Ill Treatment", forbidden to kill dogs and cats except cases when animals are carriers of an infection dangerous to the person, in fact, it is useless. As money for programs for preventive identification of infections and sterilization of dogs, according to official figures, eternally doesn't suffice.That is in practice to define, whether is the dog "carrier", in fact, it is possible only after it will bite someone. In that case to you will give an injection from tetanus and will recommend … independently to bring a dog into local establishment sanitarno - epidemiological service where her will watch for 15 days. You should pay the maintenance of "offender" thus too. If during this time the doggie doesn't die, and at it from a mouth foam won't go, you will get rid of pricks against rage. Otherwise - welcome to procedures. And an animal will sterilize and … will return on a former place. The same will occur in case you complain in the relevant service of abundance of dogs in your yard. At best them will sterilize.

It won't rescue you from stings, but everything occurs "humanely" and "on - is European". To the person, thanks to such civilized approach in a question of defense against pack hostile four-footed, it is necessary to count only on itself. Therefore we will postpone for the time being reflections over that who is guilty, and we will try to give some practical advice of what to do.

For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to know the reasons for which dogs attack. In particular, according to the known Russian psychologist and the cynologist Alexander Smirnov, contrary to ordinary opinion, the purpose of attack of stray dogs on the person is not murder, the dog never considers the person as the production. It distinguishes game from a set of the reasons - to dogs simply boringly, they look for entertainments, and shouting, swinging hands on the run the person is an excellent toy. And games at dogs rigid, after all if owners in the first months of life show to domestic dogs borders legal, at homeless such teachers isn't present.

Territory protection can be other cause of aggression. In this case you incidentally appeared in the territory which is occupied by a dog or dog pack, and animals in every way try to banish the stranger. However this territory, as a rule, is in some removal from permanent residences of people: front gardens, cellars of the thrown houses, buildings, etc. Outside this district four-footed attack extremely seldom. They can bark, run on perimeter, but not attack. The exception, however, as well as in all other cases, is made by mad, sick and feeding dogs.

At last, the previous negative experience is one more common reason of attack.It is quite possible that the dog was beaten by the person, and even not to one, and therefore all people for her - a danger source. Such experience remains for a long time, mistrust to people grows, and the dog starts any movement of the person regarding as attempt to offend her. Naturally, the dog is protected, sometimes even from an alleged danger, as leads to attack on the person.

Considering told, it is necessary to discredit the delusions of rather behavioural tendencies of stray dogs some extended among people and their aggressions further. In it "To the phrase" the cynologist, the associate professor of feeding and cultivation of the Nikolaev state agrarian University, the candidate of agricultural sciences Elena Ivanova helped.

- Contrary to ordinary opinion, dogs don't attack women in the period of periods. In any case, in itself it never is the reason of aggression. At the same time, as sense of smell at dogs is developed much more strongly, than at people, they, of course, feel the woman, at which at present "critical days". But it can affect only dogs and absolutely in other plan - it can follow it some quarters, look in eyes, "make advances", and even to bark, but it not aggression, and manifestation of a tender sentiment.

- Initially aggressive attitude of dogs towards all people who are in an alcohol intoxication, or plowing "reek of alcohol", also is delusion. Such relation, as a rule, is a conditioned reflex. With the same success it can be connected with color of your clothes, a hairdress or a beard. For example, if during any period of life she tested violence from the drunk bearded man, certainly, its further reaction to such people will be unambiguous.

- Many are sure that dogs rush, first of all, on children, because they small more weakly than the adult. It not so. In most cases the aggressive behavior concerning children is response to their aggression. How many time we could observe at ourselves in the yard or at dacha as the group of kids cheerfully throws in "bug" stones, catapult or think out "entertainments" stronger. Difficult after that to demand from it big love to "little people". It is impossible to forget also and about responsibility of parents who often induce the child "to go, stroke a doggie". Especially, if it is a question of puppies.The dog can't know motives of the child therefore even the most innocent, in our opinion, action in her party it is capable to apprehend as aggression manifestation.

- The belief is widespread that dogs become aggressive for hunger. It isn't true as the person for them isn't food. Rather they will start selecting food at colleagues and to gnaw each other. On the other hand, in the cities it is often possible to face "beggars" who, having guessed a smell something tasty, start poor-mouthing persistently a slice. However such animals, as a rule, don't constitute danger because if they dared to approach to you, it has no negative experience of communication with people, so there is no reason for aggression.

- If the dog threatens you, it is necessary to look severely to her in eyes. It, certainly, by no means can't be done because the animal perceives it as the most obvious sign of aggression. Forget heroic stories that the animal can be suppressed a look and will power. And also philosophical reflections that the person has too the "heavy look" suppressing any living being. Such people really exist, but their overwhelming minority.

Proceeding from these delusions, and also from habits of the majority of people, it is possible to note that on the person in most cases the wrong behavior in case of danger is the reason of attack.

The main thing that it is necessary to remember: categorically it is impossible to run away, raise hands or to swing them. Thus, you will push a dog to even more active actions, after all she not without justification will regard your behavior as a fright that will give it even more confidence of the forces. In this case even the smallest and uncertain dog will pursue production: the hunting instinct joins. That is, if the dog simply barks, that the best option - not to pay to her attention and simply quietly to continue to go. Thus by no means it is impossible to turn to an animal a back. Thus, you don't support behavior of a dog and you will make her actions senseless as she counts though on any reaction.

If the dog jumps up with obvious intention to bite, try, first of all to calm down: nerves in such situation only will prevent. Reject of a dog pressure, but don't beat her and don't raise, and, having turned to her, loudly and surely tell "It is impossible! ".In the majority homeless dogs aren't sure of themselves and don't expect such turn of events, it will throw them into confusion and will force to recede. They grow up in the conditions of rigid fight for existence, and to recede to them at serious resistance - means to save the life. After that quietly you depart, but don't run away at all. Sometimes look back, whether there is a dog you and whether creeps to bite.

If you see pack which sprawled in the middle of the road - better quietly to come over to other to side. Time pack lies, instead of it ransacks, so not on hunting. If it is impossible and it is impossible to disperse, two options of behavior are possible. One of them - to show full indifference to them. However unmotivated attack from their party here is probably perfect. It isn't enough that to them will seem. To go through pack of dogs pleasure not palatable.

Perhaps, it is the only way when there is a reason to begin war to the first. On approach it is necessary to cry on dogs the loud and deep voice, reminding growl. The dog - an animal though she also distinguishes the articulate speech, but it reacts to intonation. If you begin with threats ("growl"), so you are ready to fight. And if she has nothing to protect here - she (they) most likely, will recede even after shout.

It is necessary to show defiantly to dogs that you are armed - lift (or pretend that you lift) from the earth a stick, a branch, a stone. Dogs for certain have unpleasant experience of contacts with these subjects and don't want recurrence.

If you were surrounded with pack of dogs, that best decision - will stop, to lower hands and not to move. Dogs will check you on fortress, to jump around and to bark, but won't decide to attack: you don't make any actions, and therefore your forces are unknown to them. Illogically to be got involved in a fight with the unclear opponent, reaction in reply they don't see any therefore through any time they will lose to you interest and will depart. In principle, your tranquillity and confidence is your most important weapon. The voice has to be equal, movements - smooth and slow, a pose - sure.

But if you don't feel in yourselves confidence for such repulse, and you regularly should face packs of stray dogs, it makes sense to think of the protection in advance. Get a barrel with pepper gas - it freely is on sale in any weapon shop. This gas is very effective in protection against attack of dogs, and not only dogs.It is possible to recommend also an electronic otpugivatel, it is easy to find announcements of which sale in the Internet.

At last, if the situation was at the critical end of the resources, and attack didn't manage to be avoided, you can be helped by knowledge of weak spots of dogs. There isn't a lot of them, but they are. If their nobility, it is possible to neutralize quickly any dog, especially using various "weapon".

So, it, first of all, a nose tip, a nose bridge, occipital part and темечко behind ears, a solar plexus, edges, joints of paws, a tailbone. It is possible to carry to weak spots also eyes, nostrils (scent), mucous membranes, genitals. It is necessary to influence these weak spots, mechanically (a fist, fingers) or improvised subjects (stones, sticks, branches, a dust, dirt).

The most wrong in a fight with a dog is a fear before it and passive defense (to fall, close the head hands, etc.) - in this case you will precisely suffer more strongly, than actively defending.

By the way, about improvised subjects. They too should use correctly. Any of these subjects it isn't necessary to throw, whether it be a stone, a stick, a piece of asphalt, foliage, a dust or dirt. Especially if it one. Stone clamp in a fist - the blow it will be where is more painful, than simply a fist. Stick it is possible to keep a dog at arm's length, and at contact - it the dog can break a backbone or to stick into an eye, a mouth, into a groin. The dog can put an armful of foliage in a mouth, in a muzzle. Harm you cause to it a little, but you will win time, you will be able to accept steadier pose, to take advantageous position. It is possible to litter with a dust and dirt eyes, a nose, to force it to sneeze. Only it is necessary to apply them "in an emphasis", at contact with a muzzle of a dog.

From the improvised subjects which are available at you, there can be an umbrella, a package, a bag, clothes. You shouldn't act with an umbrella as a bludgeon, it isn't effective. The umbrella works as a board much better. Open and close it - the dog doesn't understand essence of things. For it and paper - an insuperable barrier if she doesn't see the purpose. And suddenly changing geometrical sizes of the victim simply confuse it. We will remember monks, the Maya and Aztecs. When they for the first time saw the rider on a horse, they thought that this such semi-animal, the semi-person. Also were horrified when the rider dismounted - the animal was divided. The dog (any) is simply frightened if before her the umbrella dome suddenly swings open.

It is possible "to occupy" with a bag a mouth of a dog.If to it to beat on a muzzle, on a nose, the dog will seek to bite it reflex. Let's it grab a bag. When she will seize her - pull on itself very much. The dog will try to hold it. Take a bag, distract attention and kick a dog aside. If there is an opportunity - overturn a dog, fall to it all over.

If it is possible to take off a jacket or a coat - use it for derivation of a dog, as a board. Try to throw a coat over a dog, to blind her and to complicate her movement. If you managed it - fall upon it all the weight. If to take off a coat entirely it wasn't possible, try to release half the left sleeve. Use it as "support" what to occupy a mouth of a dog. It is possible to strike with the right, free hand blows.

Anyway, you have to be morally ready to fight with a dog. Many people simply freeze if the dog on them snatches and turn into deaf defense which consists in a uvorachivaniye from a dog and plaintive shouts. They don't think at all of active defense, not to mention attack.

Remember, the prepared person can kill a dog or at least neutralize a knockout, almost instantly. For example, in counter blow of a fist in a nose, on a nape, in a nose bridge. Can take it on painful control by simultaneous blow by fingers on eyes, blow in a solar plexus, to stop up or pull out it nostril fingers. The dog can take under control of the person in rare instances, and if it is unprepared absolutely.

Therefore you have to be morally stronger than a dog, feel a master of the situation. Dogs too feel it. Your ideology has to be "I with you I will make everything that I want, and you with me only that I will allow you".

The psychology in this case in general isn't less important in any way, than physical force. Some psychologists claim that it is psychologically heavy to many people to battle to dogs. The person simply doesn't know how to fight with a dog. Therefore the main model of his behavior - passive defense - to be closed, escape, minimize the losses. The dog has a full and overwhelming moral superiority in such fight and leaves them it in general without any losses and the winner.

What to win against a dog morally, present that it is the little spiteful person - the dwarf with sharp teeth who will bite which did you a lot of harm. But you have to (and the main thing you have every chance) to kill him.

Morally you have to be ready to that, most likely, won't do without stings. Also the part of clothes will be spoiled. But losses anyway will be less, than you will give up at once on favor to the winner.

Imagine a scene as you break it paws, edges, you smother it a knee, you tear it to parts, its blood flows the river, she squeals and to seek to escape. Thus, you will morally be prepared for fight, and dogs - known telepathists, - too "will see" this picture of the sad future. Behave as Tarzan, show absolute determination and readiness to engage immediately. Inject to itself into blood adrenaline of the Winner. And it is necessary to shout it loudly and spiteful growling voice "And - and - and - ы - ы - ы! That I with you will make! As I waited for this moment! Well at last - that! Now you learn that such Bol! " You shout anything, but you shout terribly. Except psychological impact on a dog these shouts will attract people around.

Never it is necessary to run away - all the same you won't escape, the dog runs 5 times quicker than the person. The exception makes a case when there is an opportunity with guarantee to appear out of reach of a dog. For example - quickly to climb on a branchy tree, to get on a ladder, to enter water on a belt. By the way, the dog in water is very defenseless.

If opportunity to take cover isn't present, it is necessary to occupy defense, or even to attack it most. For example, to run it towards, terribly shouting, taking off from itself a jacket (coat), swinging improvised subjects (an umbrella, a bag, a portfolio). Then the dog from the hunter turns into a game that for it is unfamiliar, it to it didn't teach. Other instincts - self-preservation start working. Even if the dog won't be frightened, and will continue to run on you, don't stop. If she jumps - evade and after give her a good kick in a groin or under a tail, punch a nape from top to down. Miss during a jump at a dog - the strongest stress which is sharply reducing her self-assessment - she already lost one round. The main thing - not to allow it to bring down you from feet during a jump due to the kinetic energy. But if she after that doesn't refuse an active form of attack, the party passes into an end-game.

If you not the large person, and a dog rather large, it is possible even to become on one or two knees for stability (but only after a jump of a dog). Thereby you will become steadier and you will remove from - under blow the feet - the most unprotected part of a body.

In end it would be desirable to emphasize especially that, according to cynologists, to 90% of cases of attack of a dog for the person, occurs in the presence of the owner of this dog. Therefore all aforesaid actually belongs to the remained 10%.


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