Cine history in Nikolayevshchina: drugs, kidnapping, pursuits … To all participants of "action" - threatens to three years of imprisonment

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The trip of familiar addicts from the New Odessa region of the Nikolaev area behind "potion" ended for them very sadly - all were detained by police officers: one for storage and transportation of the narcotic substances, one for infliction of bodily injury and two for illegal deprivation of the person of freedom.

In July day, two inhabitants Nova Odessy decided to go to one of villages of the Novobugsky region of the Nikolaev area behind opium. That with a breeze to reach to a point where they quite often bought a potion, young people called the familiar taxi driver.

That had no objection to earn additionally and at the same time to help companions. Having arrived the village, guys according to the nakatanny scheme got some doses of opium and went back to the New Odessa area.

On the way back the Deo car was stopped by the staff of GAI for traffic violation of the rules. Passengers of the car and the driver behaved very nervously therefore employees of the State traffic inspectorate decided to examine suspicious guys. At external examination in a pocket at one of passengers that narcotic substance which guys got allegedly for own needs was revealed.

The decision to detain young people and to deliver in Novobugsky regional department was made. But not here - that was … At one of guys, namely at in what found drugs, plans appeared absolutely others.

But 25 - the summer addict managed to escape in any way from the staff of GAI. Two other persons involved in this incident were delivered in the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs. The car was delivered to a shtrafploshchadka.

Detainees told that they in this case at anything that is run away bought opium. From young people took explanations and released on recognizance. The car was left on a shtrafploshchadka before clarification of circumstances. Militiamen began to look for the third person involved in incident who ran away.

To the aid of militiamen "rushed" both the taxi driver released on recognizance and the companion of the fugitive.Possibly they thought - the will quicker find run away, the quicker to them will return the car.

The taxi driver who lost the car at once called to the aid the colleague - the friend who with pleasure agreed to help. They went to New Odessa where very quickly found the companion - the fugitive.

Under a pretext to go behind next "dose" of the man enticed the guy into the car and that that didn't run away, chained it handcuffs to the door handle.

Having understood that something here isn't pure, and carry it at all on "point" behind drugs, the fan decided to receive a high on a desperate step. It tore off the door handle and jumped out of the car when that braked on the next turn.

Far to escape 25 - the summer guy didn't manage. "Conscious citizens" who "escorted" the addict to the Niovobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs caught up with the fugitive and that to that nepovadno was to run away, began to beat it. To the aid to two companions who already visited regional department, their familiar taxi driver hastened also. It, having got a bat, I started beating "escorted" on feet.

But also this time the lucky managed to run away. It nevertheless appeared in the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs, but already as the victim. It from rural hospital where asked for the help was delivered there.

On the made orientation by police officers also those who caused it injuries soon were detained. During detention in the Daewoo LANOS car on which three friends also transported the kidnapped person, the baseball bat, a knife and the gas gun were found.

At present trial is carried out, but is similar, injured in this history won't be. Everything without exception persons involved can appear behind a lattice.

Some criminal cases are brought.

25- the summer addict who at first ran away from employees of the State traffic inspectorate, and then and from the friends, accuse of storage of narcotic substances. Punishment in the form ofcan threaten itimprisonments for a period of up to three years, UK of Ukraine provided by Art. 309 - "Illegal storage of narcotic substances without sales objective".

Two of his companions who decided "to help" police officers, accuse of kidnapping and illegal deprivation of its freedom. Punishment in the form ofcan threaten themimprisonments for a period of up to three years, UK of Ukraine provided by Art. 146 - "Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping".

And to the taxi driver who agreed to deliver the guy in the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs, punishmentcan threaten nowin the form of imprisonment for a period of up to three years for infliction of bodily injury of average weight.


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