UNP demands from SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor "to deal" with the patriarch Kirill

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According to the head of the UNPNikolaev regional organizationYury Shirko, the Ukrainian People's Party addressed in Security service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General's Office with the requirement "to check statements of the patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Kirill regarding compliance to the legislation of Ukraine, in particular, to the Law of Ukraine "About the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine" of November 28, 2006 No. 376-V which recognizes the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people, by the act of the organized manslaughter", about it is spoken in the corresponding statement of UNP.

UNP expresses indignation in connection with statements of the patriarch Kirill, "containing contempt for human life and the actual justification of a Stalin mode".

"on July 28, 2009 on air of the Inter channel the patriarch Kirill condemned a position of the Council of Europe, "which puts on one level Nazism and Stalinism", - it is noted in party the statement. According to the patriarch, "the Nazism differs from any other system... the chelovekonenavistnichestvo... It is policy and philosophy which justified any human cruelty which set as the purpose destruction of people. That is why it it is impossible to put everything on one step". This statement means that for "the patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Kirill the Stalinism didn't work as it is cruel as the Nazism, didn't set as the purpose destruction of people", - is spoken in the statement.

UNP reminds the head of Russian Orthodox Church that "it justifies misanthropic a mode which deported 14 nationalities of the USSR completely, and 48 more - partially; mode, which only in Ukraine in two years - 1932-1933 - выморил hunger of nearly 10 million people". It is a mode, it is emphasized in the statement, "during which the whole social groups - priests, "fists", noblemen are repressed on social signs; mode at which for delay for work and for a handful of cones from a kolkhoz field criminal liability" was provided.

Speech of the patriarch Kirill against PACE decision, specifies UNP, "completely leveled authority of the head of Russian Orthodox Church". "If still Kirill's election on a patriarchal throne perceived as a victory of progressive currents among Russian Orthodox Church if still his origin from most" European "regions of Russia (Kaliningrad) associated with the subsequent church distancing from the state, today these illusions completely vanished", - is spoken in the statement.

"If Kirill, in fact, justifies a chelovekonenavistnichestvo of a Stalin mode, it denies also misanthropic character of the Holodomor, for what has to bear responsibility", - it is noted in the document.

The Ukrainian People's Party also called representatives of public authorities and local government "to boycott public actions with participation of the patriarch Kirill, and citizens of Ukraine - to hold an action of public condemnation concerning statements of the patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church in the form of pickets and meetings.


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