Michelangelo Caravaggio's stolen cloth, worth 100 mln. dollars, still is in Ukraine

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PictureMichelangelo Caravaggio"Christ's capture under guards, or Judas's Kiss", stolen of the Odessa museum a year ago, is in the territory of Ukraine, the first deputy chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Odessa regiondeclaredAlexey Hlevnoy.

"The picture wasn't lit yet in the black markets abroad, and we have no information that it is taken out from Ukraine", - Alexey Hlevnoy noted.

He reported that, according to militiamen, criminals - citizens of Ukraine and are in the territory of our country.

"Now we collect evidential base on particular persons. But while to claim absolutely that it they committed a crime, we can't as the consequence isn't ended", - the colonel emphasized.

He added that the crime prepared carefully and to collect all proofs and to bring criminal case, a lot of time is necessary.

Alexey Hlevnoy reported that the Kharkov collector Nikolay Ponomarenko whom suspected of picture theft, was accepted in the Odessa museum and is well-known in the circles.

"At the time of theft it was in Odessa and in the same night went to Kharkov where I was missing. Found dead him later. However it was combination of circumstances. It had no relation to the Odessa theft", - declared to the deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs.

According to him, the version also disappeared that the staff of the museum was involved in a crime. Examination didn't confirm also that the picture was a fake.

In the Odessa militia didn't risk to call concrete terms of disclosure of this resonant business, but assured that all do in order that the rarity of the XVII century was as soon as possible found.


Malefactors stole a picture of the Italian artist of XVI-of the XVII centuries Michelangelo Caravaggio "Christ's capture under guards" from the Odessa museum of the western and east art on the night of August 1 of last year. The second name of the picture "Christ's Capture under Guards" - "Judas's Kiss". The cloth is written 406 years ago. In 2006 the picture was restored by the Kiev masters.The Odessa museum of the western and east art only in Ukraine had the picture original. The picture is estimated at $100 million. In the museum building in мо


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