The Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies decided to have legal proceedings with "Young guard" and others "the right - left" the organizations

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The organizations which planned to hold mass events the day after tomorrow in birthday of Shukhevich, tomorrow, 28-го June, will appear before the court. As the claimant the executive committee of city council acts.

As already reported "News of N", 29-го June in the center of Nikolaev torch procession of far right forces of Ukraine (KUNA, NRU, VO "Freedom"), devoted to birthday of one of leaders of unitary enterprise of Roman Shukhevich is planned.

According to the checked data, the Nikolaev city youth public organization "Young Guard" intends to interfere with carrying out torch procession. The organization plans to carry out this day and in the same place the action - counterpicket "Memory of the people - a tear on a palm …" to memory of victims of OUN - unitary enterprise.

However the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and SBU considered that to allow holding these actions - is inadmissible. Also filed a lawsuit the claim address with which ask to forbid 29-го June carrying out any actions having political implication.

"Taking in attention and considering a psychoemotional condition of citizens when carrying out the above actions, possibility of pro-execution of the weapon and explosive substances during their carrying out, also the venue of these actions (the downtown where administrative structures of authorities and mass congestions of citizens are located), carrying out such mass actions can negatively affect a public order, safety of life and health of residents", - is spoken in the judicial claim.

Contains in the claim and other interesting information:

"As data, for the purpose of failure of this action of representatives of the politized structures of the "right" direction testify available in SBU of Ukraine, the group of number of activists plans to arrive to Nikolaev from Donetsk so-called "the Donbass Russia" to which certain activists of the local organizations socially - political formations of the "left" wing" have intention to join.

Together with "Young Guard" the following organizations got to "disgrace" of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies:The Nikolaev Regional organization "Bugo - the Black Sea Kosh "The Ukrainian Cossacks", the PSPU city organization, the city organization of employers "Industrialists and businessmen of Nikolaev", KUNA, NRU, VO "FREEDOM".

The court session will take place tomorrow, 28-го June, at 13:00 in the building of the Central district court under the chairmanship of the judge Vladimir Aleynikov.

As appears from the address of the first Deputy Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov to the leader of "Young Guard" Evgeny Bondarenko: "In the specified days the city actions approved by the appropriate program by Day of youth are planned for Sovetskaya St. and Admiral's. Besides, on Ingulsky descent 29.06.08 the All-Ukrainian stock "The Citizen against Drug Trafficking and AIDS …" will take place.


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