At the Kirovograd businessman from - under a nose stole a jeep – seven cars of GAI caught up with criminals only near Nikolayev

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At the end of July events were developed in the city of Alexandria of the Kirovograd area, worthy the Hollywood blockbusters. So, in one of evenings the local businessman drove the Kia Sorento car on a sink.

As usual, I gave keys to the washerman, and itself with the friend I went to the nearest shop, at the exit from which friends noticed that the SUV passing down the street too reminds just left them on a sink. On a place it became clear - precisely stole.

Without thinking twice, the owner of Kia with the friend got into the car of the last and rushed to a pursuit, by phone having gathered GAI and having reported the matter. Immediately from there the patrol car which also other passing militia crews joined a little later was sent. In total car thieves were pursued by 7 cars of GAI from Kirovograd,Nikolaevand Odessa areas.

To stop "reckless drivers", law enforcement officers several times resorted to route overlapping by heavy trucks, however it is vain: the jeep at a speed more than 100 km/h dexterously bypassed obstacles on fields, borders, dividing lawns and oncoming lanes.

According to informal sources, on an entrance to Nikolaev police officers were already ready to open fire as in the city the pursuit would lose any meaning. Fortunately, did without firing: at city line of car thieves nevertheless it was succeeded to stop.

According to preliminary data, the car "left" 18 - the summer washerman and it 20 - the summer accomplice. One of car thieves - the young man 18-ти is detained years old, and his senior companion disappeared.

The detainee can deprive of freedom for a period of 8 till 12 years. This car allegedly "ordered" to it under dismantling provided that he will overtake the car to Odessa. As a result of a pursuit three militia cars are strongly damaged, on rescued Kia Sorento the suspension bracket and forward part of a body are damaged.


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