The Nikolaev enterprises poison us with methane, oxide of nitrogen and other dangerous gases

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From January to June from stationary sources of pollution to the air pool of the Nikolaev area 12,4 thousand tons of harmful substances that is 6,9% more, than for the corresponding period of last year arrived, reports statistics management. Of total of harmful substances emissions of methane and nitrogen oxide which belong to greenhouse gases, made 2,2 thousand tons and 1,5 thousand tons respectively.


Methane. It is explosive at concentration in air from 5% to 15%. The main responsible for destruction of an ozone layer and other troubles which can cause catastrophic changes on a planet. On a way of influence - anesthetic, suffocating gas. Symptoms of poisoning with methane: headache, weakness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness up to consciousness loss. Methane has no own smell.

Nitrogenoxide. Colourless gas with a slight smell. Irritates airways, at big concentration appears I swelled lungs. All oxides of nitrogen are physiologically active, belong to the third class of danger. Oxides of nitrogen are registered as a food additive of E918.

Besides, it was thrown out 1066,1 thousand tons of dioxide of carbon which also influences climate change.


Carbondioxide. Colourless gas with slightly sourish smell and taste. Takes part in process of global warming. Dioxide of carbon isn't toxic, but doesn't support breath. Big concentration in air causes asthma.

Besides, into the atmosphere in the Nikolaev area regularly release resistant organic pollutants, dioxide and other compounds of sulfur, chlorine and its connections, fluorine and its connections, metals and their connections and another.

If to compare volumes of emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere in different regions of the Nikolaev area, that dangerous to accommodation is directly the city of Nikolaev - the volume of emissions in January - June makes 5 087 tons. On the second place on danger - the Nikolaev area (3 869 tons). Also a situation difficult in Bashtanskom (565 tons) and Voznesensky (555 tons) areas. The smallest level of danger - in Bratsk the area - in air only two tons of harmful substances are thrown out.


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