Communists boast of how from - for Ilyich applied tear gas and called an ambulance by phone 102

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Didn't do and without methods of hand-to-hand fight.

The official site of KPU pleased with the next composition on the subject "As We Protect Our Monuments". Without feeding any sympathy for vandals, we suggest the reader to examine with идиотско - a pathos statement of events eyes of communists.

We quote the statement from KPU site in a full look:

"Carrying out solutions of Plenum of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine, this week watch near a monument to V. I. Lenin in Kiev was taken up by young communists of the KPU Darnitsky regional committee.

During the first day a large number of a propaganda material was distributed, many warm words to party and our leader Pyotr Nikolaevich Simonenko are heard, and also more than 700 hryvnias of donations from citizens on monument restoration are collected. Certainly, different visitors of this magnificent place on Bessarabka come across, however, the absolute majority expresses support to our business, assures of devotion to socialist idea and promises to support in every way us on the future elections!

But here evening, and behind it - time when Hitler and Yushchenko's remaining followers creep out of caches on the city street - the hero of Kiev approaches night.

In one of such nights, approximately at 2 o'clock the group of aggressively adjusted people who have been warmed up by alcohol came nearer to a monument, crying out obscene abuse. In total them were 5 pieces - humanoids, and even it, probably, all - a compliment.

One being approached to a monument, pointed a finger at a party banner and said something inarticulate about Ilyich and our valorous party.

Possessing high moral level and restraint, we made some attempts to calm down these individuals, and quite cultural asked them to leave the territory. However hooligans began to threaten with physical violence, and two of them jumped on a monument and tried to break party banners.

Further to suffer and to hesitate already, of course, it was impossible.Having made maneuver for more humane and less travmatichny for attacking an incident outcome, communists applied tear gas and the methods of the hand-to-hand fight which directly aren't menacing to life of individuals stated above, however is guaranteed their neutralized. One of attacking managed to disappear, other should be detained four with use of skills from the read Voyenno - the Field Charter of RKKA of 1936.

The humanity and knowledge of standards of the Geneva Convention didn't allow communists to show roughness to the captivated nazis. Seeing that of attacking medical care is necessary to two, we called "ambulance" by phone 102. At the same time from "fast" there arrived 6 cars with militiamen who expressed us moral support, highly appreciated organizational unity of our group and took away captivated (wounded and not really) Banderovites. On a place of incident protocols were made.

I will note that this incident only strengthened and rallied organizational unity of our ranks!

On behalf of the companions - communists officially I declare: on all further tricks of vandals - profaners the worthy answer will be given.

Our business right!

The enemy will be broken!

The victory will be for us!

Evgeny Golyshkin, first secretary of Darnitsky RK KPU".


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