Arseny's propagandists beat on all fronts

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Business isn't limited to Uzhgorod.

In "Regional committee" the following message from "The front of changes" arrived:


"Volunteers of "the FRONT of CHANGES" attack and threaten them

On Sunday, around 12.30 in Kerch the unknown attacked the volunteer of the Public initiative of Arseniy Yatsenyuk "the FRONT of CHANGES" and put it injuries. Doctors recorded at the right hand which has injured a double change. Besides, on August 7-8 in Kiev there were six provocations against volunteers of the Initiative.

In Kerch the unknown man who is searched already by law enforcement agencies, on Sunday, August 9, around 12.30 approached to information tent "FRONT of CHANGES", at first in a rough form expressed to the volunteer Natalia Kravtsova who distributed leaflets, then spat it in a face. At this time the volunteer Natalia Zaytseva whom it too obscenely offended also by a fist in a shoulder owing to what it fell approached to tent and broke a hand.

"The man from a place of incident disappeared. I addressed in fracture clinic, and already doctors caused militia", - Natalia Zaytseva speaks. According to the victim, today representatives of law enforcement agencies together with her and her colleague will make an identikit of the malefactor.

"the FRONT of CHANGES" footed the bill on providing legal and medical care, and also rehabilitation of the injured volunteer. According to information provided by the local organization "FRONT of CHANGES", on incident told to the city head of Kerch who, in turn, promised to take investigation under personal control.

Besides, from August 7 to August 9 there were six provocations against volunteers of "the FRONT of CHANGES" in Kiev: in Svyatoshinsky, Solomensky and Desnyansky areas. In all cases three unknown, one of which guarded, and two, pretending to be that are in a condition of alcoholic or drug intoxication, with rough words approached to tents "FRONT of CHANGES" and poured over volunteers beer. Thus malefactors threatened them with physical violence that those distribute information booklets of the Initiative.

On August 8 group of provokers detained in the Solomensky district of the capital and delivered in RU Ministry of Internal Affairs. However already next day, on August 9, three men who are very similar to them, attacked tents "FRONT of CHANGES" in the Desnyansky area. The scenario was analogous - poured over volunteers beer, broke tent and stole a flag. Thus they shouted that are employees of militia. Despite it, volunteers "FROTA PEREMEN" caused militia, and arrived to an incident place the dress detained hooligans in flight attempt in one of the nearby yards.

Despite attacks and threats, Natalia Zaytseva and other volunteers against whom malefactors made illegal actions, showed a resistant civic stand and today, having spread out tents "FRONT of CHANGES", continue to take part in information campaign of the organization.

As it was reported earlier, on August 6 the city head of Uzhgorod Sergey Ratushnyak attacked the volunteer of "the FRONT of CHANGES", 21 - the summer student Natalya Butrymko and put it injuries that it distributed Initiative booklets from information tent "FRONT of CHANGES". Doctors recorded at the victim concussion of a brain and other injuries".


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