In Nikolayevshchina 20 drivers paid with penalties for disobedience to the staff of GAI

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With increase in penalties aggression of the drivers violating traffic regulations increased also. After all it was easier to agree on a place with an offense earlier, to receive the resolution and to pay a penalty. And now, even realizing completeness and gravity of violation, responsible tries to make everything possibly and impossible to avoid responsibility, or at least to change a punishment form.

Even more often drivers who made an offense, try to ignore legal requirements of the inspector of GAI - don't stop according to its requirement the car or refuse to show the relevant documents confirming the right of management of the vehicle, reports sector of public relations of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

The history which occurred in the city the Southern Bug the Nikolaev area can serve as an example. Inspectors of traffic police, having noticed the Mercedes car which roughly went on the road, made an attempt to stop it. However the driver ignored requirements of inspectors then the dress began to pursue the violator.

The man reached to the house and tried to be behind a fence, but one of inspectors of traffic police became at it on a way. The driver who appeared in an alcohol intoxication, got furious and began to shout and swing hands. After inspectors tried to calm him, the man tore off a shoulder strap from a uniform jacket of the inspector then struck to the lance sergeant blows to the head and to a trunk.

The inspector applied to protection of own life and health against the raged driver a rubber stick. The man, without stopping crying out a curse to inspectors, I ran to myself to the yard. Some minutes later there arrived the ambulance previously called by staff of GAI, and took away the driver in local hospital.

Result of this incident - closed cherepno - a brain trauma and concussion of the employee of traffic police, and also a number of the made protocols and quite large sum of a penalty for the drunk violator.

The driver of the mechanical vehicle has to have at himself:

a) the certificate on the right of management of the vehicle of the corresponding category and the coupon which is added to the certificate;

b) the registration document on the vehicle (for vehicles of Armed forces - the technical coupon), and in case of absence in the vehicle of his owner also the certificate on the right of the general property on this vehicle or the temporary registration coupon;

c) in case of installation on vehicles of flashing indicators and (or) special sound signaling devices - the permission which has been given out by the State traffic inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in case of advertizing - coordination which is given by divisions of the State traffic inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

d) in the cases established by the legislation the waybill and documentation on freight which is transported; on route vehicles - the scheme of a route and the movement schedule; on multiweight and large-size vehicles and vehicles which carry out road transportation of dangerous freights, - documentation according to requirements of special rules;

e) the existing contract of obligatory insurance of a civil liability of the owner of the vehicle (except drivers of vehicles of Armed forces) in case of the conclusion of such contract.

On request of the employee of GAI the driver has to stop, and also:

a) to transfer necessary documents for check;

b) to give opportunity to check technical condition, numbers of units and completeness of the vehicle;

c) to give opportunity to examine the vehicle according to the legislation in the presence on that of the lawful bases.

And also in a case suspicion emergence that you operate the car in a state of intoxication, you have to pass on request of the police officer in accordance with the established procedure medical examination for definition of an alcohol intoxication, influence of narcotic or toxic substances.

As for what "don't look for easy ways" and try to complicate life to the staff of GAI, and finally leaves that to themselves, on them since the beginning of year 20 administrative reports according to Art. 185 КУоАП "Malicious disobedience to the lawful order or the requirement of the employee of militia, members of public formation on protection of a public order and frontier, the serviceman" are made already. According to this article for similar offenses punishment in the form of penalty imposing from 8 to 15 free minima of the income of citizens is prescribed or corrective works, also can be imposed админарест for up to 15 days.

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to drivers: "Carrying out Traffic regulations, and also legal requirements of inspectors, you keep own time and nerves, and also you don't distract the employee of GAI from direct supervision of traffic more than it is necessary".


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