"Seals" and eviscerators in one person

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In appellate court of the Nikolaev area on August 10 on the first instance the board under a predsedatelstvovaniye of the judge Dzyuby started considering criminal case on threefold murder on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 48.

It agrees to the indictment read by the prosecutor Omelyan, after the excessive use of alcoholic drinks accused P - й, 1975, the inhabitant of Nikolaev who doesn't have continuous work, on the unspecified reason rushed into the dwelling of a family of Anatoly Buchatsky and coolly killed 60 - the summer owner of the apartment, his civil wife and 86 - summer mother - the disabled person.

As it became clear from interrogation accused, neither with the owner, nor with the son of the victim at гр - on P - го there were no unfriendly relations, not to mention material misunderstanding. According to the murderer, on February 17, 2009 after acceptance "on a breast" 0,7 l of vodka he was declared to the cohabitant Angela who made scandal. Without wishing to aggravate the relation, P - й the floor - liter went on рыночек on Dzerzhinsky St. where "added" a little more, near. Then almost before midnight it suddenly appeared before doors at almost strangers, force broke, departed the owner, Anatoly Buchatsky, his cane (all about 30 blows were counted). Having broken on the sixty-year-old man his stick, P - й snatched out from hands of the pensioner a kitchen knife and I stuck it into a neck of the owner. Tatyana Baklanchuk who has appeared on shouts tried after seen to take cover in a bathroom, however in foot blow in area of a groin P - й killed the woman on the spot. Further the same knife was put to use, and four blows in area of a thorax completed bloody massacre. Having found in the apartment lying on a floor halfblind and deaf 86 - summer Knyazevich, P - й set it in a bed, and itself, having brought from the storeroom an axe, several times I knocked her a butt on the head.

According to the version, most likely, presented by the lawyer of the murderer, memory to that changed practically at once after market "dope". Especially P - й insisted on that from the indictment to withdraw the words similar "commission of crime with special cruelty".

- I didn't understand at that time where I am that with me that I do.After all I had no motives of murder, - as the justification to the actions offers court the accused.

As the proof of total loss of orientation, the line of protection offers the version about full "otklyuchka" of the murderer. Having allegedly woken up the next morning in the company of three corpses, he only then that not fully realized all weight of deeds. Pictures of events arose in his head chaotically, incoherently, senselessly. Why it suddenly appeared in this house, why it deprived of life three people - similar questions are for it a riddle and to this day. In punishment of hands and feet he in general says about application that all this is work of investigators. The pier, it all of them понапридумали, and P - й only agreed with such course of a pretrial investigation.

Why accused so persistently refuses application in a bloody slaughter of such subjects, how usual hands and feet? All the matter is that from 1993 to 1996 the serviceman P - й stayed on military service in the ranks of Naval Forces of Ukraine. And if to be more exact, in special forces "seals" who were based in due time on the island May. Such to itself murder car. Bomb with the slowed-down action, let out in civil society.

Whether there is an occasion to doubt sincerity of words of the accused? Apparently and. That there is a small continuation it "the master - a class" the murderer - the eviscerator. The matter is that Anatoly Buchatsky didn't die after the strongest blows a cane and knife wounds. When P - й dealt with his wife, the man started giving life signs. And rattles with a sipeniye of the dying owner distracted for the period of P - го from the new victim. Having grabbed woolen female panty hoses, P - й tied hands to the pensioner and I did to him samurai operation of withdrawal from life - a hara-kiri. Having returned to the woman still breathing, the monster about thirty times hit her with a knife. And that already everything was for certain, six more times cut with it a neck.

Certainly, unless it is possible to classify these actions as "excessively cruel". Probably, P - й considered, what thus it will do much good for them?

Some details don't allow to trust in the statement for spending the night with dead persons also. Indications appear in materials of a pretrial investigation about carefully covered corpses because they caused confusion in the eviscerator. To leave the house right after murder commission to it as if the neighbor repairing in the general yard "Gazelle" didn't allow. Really he didn't hear any shouts? And in general to trust words P - го it is necessary hardly.In a court hall it declares that from all incident it remembers only a knife, the axe, any shouts and morning awakening. In materials of early indications he accurately stands not only on hind legs of conversation through a door with the owner of the apartment, but also color of the handle of a knife - the murder tool.

In spite of the fact that earlier at such doctors as the psychiatrist and the expert in narcology, P - й wasn't noticed, in his indications it is repeatedly accented what to drink it became since that moment as in its repair craft long breaks started arising, and he committed murders in a condition of the sheer misunderstanding of the events. It is difficult to explain thus how then it very coolly wiped traces from murder tools, and on its clothes of blood it wasn't revealed at all.

Not to understand not only motives of a crime. As it appeared, with a family of the killed it nevertheless had any relations. They repeatedly met the killed Anatoly Buchatsky's son, had in common a rest on the small river, prepared shish kebabs. In the apartment No. 3 on Bolshaya Morskaya St., 48 P - й one year prior to incident I did repair, but thus he wasn't familiar with the killed both his wife and mother. Why at the time of drunk waste it incurred in this place? The son of the killed, Alexander Buchatsky, don't give the answer accused on this question. Can't? Don't want? Don't know?

And here that is interesting. Alexander Buchatsky told court that witnessed the relations P - го with Angela whom he besides is a Godfather:

- It has very explosive character, it often provoked Nikolay (accused) to a showdown. However that usually very quietly tried to smooth the conflict, thus without raising the voice and without using force.

And finally. Leaving the apartment, P - й why - that I took out from the mobile phone belonging to owners the storage battery and sim-the card which right there on a place I broke and I threw out in a toilet bowl. Phone took away and hid. But not at itself in the house.

However Nikolay P - й at this stage of judicial proceedings doesn't agree with similar indications:

- To me them prompted then. The first two days I at all had no defender. To me was all the same, and I spoke as the investigator prompted to me.

The judge Dzyuba tried to find out that brought to an investigation team existence of such indications:

- The mass of details which the murderer could know only, by the investigator were thought up? But what for? Of what you thought then?

- Now I understand that to me shines lifelong, here I and think of it now for days on end, - such is the answer of the murderer.

Really, not to think of the same that it took away three lives absolutely strangers. Only because it was drunk to diminished responsibility? Because from all places where it could vent on someone any problems and rage, he chose Anatoly Buchatsky's apartment? Because it taught to kill and execute in due time orders, but didn't teach how to adapt with such knowledge in absolutely civil environment? Therefore …?

And it can do and remain a question without answer. As well as a lot of things in our life. And we need to believe only that to us similar never will happen.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that on February 19 in the center of Nikolaev three corpses were revealed! Then to a crime scene there arrived all management of a municipal government of militia


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