On the Nikolaev maternity hospitals this month mass checks

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Officials of city maternity hospital No. 1 in Krivoi Rog on budgetary funds bought the medical preparation "Kurosurf" for which from parents demanded from 3 to 4,2 thousand UAH though it has to be provided free of charge, reports "2000". It led to numerous death of newborns. The chief specialist of department of public relations of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on August 6 about it in the Dnepropetrovsk areaArtur Tereshchenko, then this information extended in mass media.

The prime minister - the minister of UkraineYulia TimoshenkoI charged to check information which has appeared in mass media, concerning abuses of officials of the Krivorozhsky maternity hospital, connected with Kurosurf medicine use.

As reports management on communications with mass media of the Secretariat of KMU, this assignment is addressed to the minister of health protection To Vasily Knyazevich, to the Minister of Internal AffairsTo Yury Lutsenko, to the Minister of EconomicsTo Bogdan Danilishinand head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administrationTo Victor Bondaryu.

In case of confirmation of spread information guilty it is entrusted to bring to trial.

Besides,Yulia TimoshenkoI charged to the Minister of Health and chairmen of all regional state administrations (including Nikolaev area) for two weeks to carry out an inspection of all maternity hospitals regarding compliance to requirements of the legislation of appointment and use of medicines.


The preparation "Kurosurf" is necessary for disclosure of easy prematurely born children. Its application considerably reduces probability of the lethal outcomes connected with problems of breath of newborns.

Pharmacological action:

Pulmonary surfactant, compensates for the deficiency of endogenous pulmonary surfactant the exogenous. Covers an internal surface of alveoluses; reduces a superficial tension in lungs, stabilizes alveoluses, preventing their adhesion at the end of an expiratory phase, promotes the adequate gas exchange supported during all respiratory cycle.It is evenly distributed in lungs and extends on a surface of alveoluses. At prematurely born newborn children restores oxygenation level that demands decrease in concentration of inhaled oxygen in gas mix; reduces a death rate and respiratory diseases.


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