The State Security Service of Ukraine, internal security of GFS and prosecutor's office have performed "inspection" in an office of the business of the deputy chief of GFS of Nikolayevshchina suspected of "protection racket"

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Roman Podgorodinsky
Staff of the State Security Service of Ukraine and staff of department of internal security of the Public fiscal service, together with the staff of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area, have performed inspection in the building regional tax in a study and a restroom of the first deputy chief of GU GFS Roman Podgorodinsky. 

About it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» employees of GFS which observed arrival of law enforcement authorities to an office to Podgorodinsky have reported. 

«Today in «April Fools' Day» , at the end of the working day, to the building of tax there have arrived about 15 people. After a while it became clear that it is representatives of the State Security Service of Ukraine, prosecutor's office and WB of GFS. As of 18:30 all these people were in an office of the first deputy head of regional tax and performed his inspection» , - interlocutors of the edition in GU GFS in the Nikolaev area have told. 

At the same time, as interlocutors have told «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» in prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area, these actions have been carried out within the criminal proceedings opened by investigators of the State Security Service of Ukraine concerning check of the possible facts of corruption from one of heads of GFS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. 

«This survey of a study and restroom of the first deputy chief of GU GFS Roman Podgorodinsky has been carried out after GFS–which has arrived from employees subordinates of the high-ranking tax specialist of information on possible corruption offenses. Has been examined with involvement of experts to estimate the cost of works and materials which have been used during repair» , - the interlocutor of the edition from prosecutor's office has told.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that N ikolayevsky tax specialists accuse the deputy chief of GFS of Nikolayevshchina in «protection racket» business.

So, the staff of tax police reports that Roman Podgorodinsky repeatedly received illegal benefit for concealment of the facts of failure to pay taxes and closing of the corresponding criminal cases.Among such firms tax specialists mention Ltd company «Svetar of TV» and Ltd company «Slav».

Besides, in the document it is said that Podgorodinsky informs the unfair businessmen trading in Nikolaev in cigarettes and alcohol without tax stamps on the forthcoming checks that doesn't give the chance to detain violators «on hot».

Moreover, Roman Podgorodinsky puts pressure upon employees who don't agree to perform his operations. Pogdgorodinsky forces the subordinates to bring to the Unified state register of pre-judicial legal investigations on businessmen against whom there are no facts of violations, and also demands to carry out illegal searches.

Also, tax specialists point to the fact «protection racket» from checks of Ltd company «Ukrpromstroy» , who performed repair work for the sum about 30 million hryvnias of «Odessa legal academy» , where Roman Podgorodinsky's brother Vadim holds a senior position and is the deputy of the Odessa city council.

It is known that Roman Podgorodinsky a little more than a year ago I have managed to work short time for positions of the deputy the chief of USBU in the Nikolaev area, supervising fight against economic crimes. After him appointed to a position the first deputy chief of GU GFS in the Nikolaev area and this fact was connected with «Podgorodinsky's advance by influential people» .

We will note that Roman Podgorodinsky's father Nikolay Podgorodinsky - acting the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, chosen from party «Our edge» , I was deuptaty a regional council from Party of Regions earlier, in 2006 I consisted in the Socialist party of Ukraine and I headed the Veselinovsky regional organization of this party, and also is the director of GP «State farm «Grape valley» , the Veselinovsky district of the Nikolaev area placed in the village of Varyushino from where all family of Podgorodinsky is.

Also, It should be noted that according to a number of deputies of the Nikolaev regional council, Podgorodinsky' family (in particular, Nikolay Podgorodinsky) has in property sanatorium establishments in the Crimea occupied by Russia that, according to his colleagues, was imposed on his position concerning vote on recognition of Russia an aggressor. 

In addition, Roman Podgorodinsky's brother Vadim is the deputy of the Odessa city council from party «Ukrainian sea party of Sergey Kivalov»  and director of institute of prosecutor's office and consequence of the Odessa yuriidichesky academy infamous «regional» Sergey Kivalov. Earlier Roman Podgorodinsky was the deputy of the Odessa City Council from Party of Regions. At the same time the brother ex-the deputy chief Nikolaev the State Security Service of Ukraine has a business - he is a founder of state of emergency «Vadim-2003» , engaged in construction and repair of vessels, and also together with a certain Alexey Bakhchivanzhi he owns Ltd company «Talent» , the engaged oil-extracting industry.

Also we will remind, Roman Podgorodinsky earlier, working in Nikolaev the State Security Service of Ukraine in 2009, I got «in sight of journalists» , when not I could tell nothing on a question of correspondents at a briefing about an occasion of corruption business on «It is southern - the Ukrainian NPP» , where the CEO Vissarion Kim was suspected of plunder and assignment of 13 million public funds.

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