Whether Ukrainians want to return the death penalty (poll)

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42,7% of Ukrainians support renewal of the death penalty for serious crimes against the personality.

Such data of the All-Ukrainian research conducted by Institute of Gorshenin, are transferred to UNIAN agency.

Thus, according to research of Institute of Gorshenin, conducted on February 12-25, 2007, considered expedient return to the death penalty for serious crimes of 58,7% of Ukrainians.

According to poll, consider that under no circumstances it is impossible to renew the death penalty in Ukraine, 34,4% of respondents (in 2007 - 26,1%).

To execute for production and drug trafficking consider the correct 16,6% of Ukrainians, suggest to execute state officials for bribes in especially large sizes 12,5% of respondents.

According to 5,3% of Ukrainians, it is necessary to execute for plunder of the state property in especially large sizes. Execution for high treason is supported by 2,7%, for other crimes - 4,4% of respondents. Found it difficult to answer this question of 3,1% of citizens.

Categorically euthanasia legalization (suicides with medical assistance) is opposed by 40,1% of Ukrainians. For comparison: according to research of Institute of Gorshenin, conducted from November 1 to November 10, 2007, considered euthanasia inadmissible under no circumstances 52,3% of the interrogated Ukrainians.

Find possible euthanasia application in case of the incurable diseases bringing to the patient of suffering, 38,2% of respondents.

Hold the opinion that euthanasia has to be made at the request of any person without explanation by it the reasons of such desire, 18,4% of respondents, in case of a long-term coma - 7,3%, in old age after a certain age - 3,3%.

Found it difficult to define a position on the matter of 4,2% of the interrogated citizens.

The telephone survey was conducted from August 1 to August 13. In total 1000 respondents aged from 18 years in all regional centers of Ukraine were interrogated. The region of residence, floor and age of respondents were quotas.


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