In Nikolaev former "woman of easy virtue" herself became the pimp

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"The young girl of attractive appearance wishes to get acquainted with the financially secure man for the further relations" - from such announcements 16 - summer Ekaterina (all names and surnames are changed in the interests of the investigation) began the work. The girl from a dysfunctional family cherished dream of how soon it becomes provided and independent in the heart, reports sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ekaterina very much was pleasant to one of the regular customers Pavel and they started living together. Soon there was an idea about creation of the general business. As the girl already "got the hand" in sex - the industries, together they decided to involve in such profitable, by sight Ekaterina, business and other girls.

At first Ekaterina's cohabitant placed in the Internet - networks on dating sites of the announcement of the following character: "The man offers financial support" or "The girl wishes to get acquainted for the subsequent material support" with numbers of contact phones and Katya's frank photos. On pages of newspapers there were announcements "Highly paid work for girls of 18-25 years is offered". A row printed Ekaterina's mobile phone. The car sex - business was started in action.

In cozy cafe Ekaterina explained to girls who responded on the announcement, working conditions, discussed the amount of their earnings and promised if already she took someone under the aegis, it is possible not to worry, after all she in this business long ago. Concerning accommodation of girls Ekaterina assumed the solution of a question. After all many of future "women of easy virtue" came to the big city in search of the best destiny or for study in higher educational institutions. Therefore with material security many had problems.

In an hour of "work" of the girl had to receive from the client of 250 hryvnias, and 40 percent from this sum had to give to Katya.Already later during work of the girl learned about a number of penalties for delay, time excess in the company with the client or if the girl self-willedally left the apartment where she lived. To meet with native it was possible too only with the permission of the pimp - Katerina.

Besides, two rental apartments which were found by Ekaterina for girls so, and the second - for themselves with Pavel, girls paid independently, from the earnings.

From clients Ekaterina received calls personally. It also distributed working hours of girls depending on tastes of clients, and also received money. After that the client went on the apartment where he was expected by the woman of easy virtue.

Ekaterina spent the received money for purchase of values, household appliances and gold products.

Police officers became interested in Ekaterina's activity. Expeditious development of business of the pimp began. During detention it appeared that among seven girls who were engaged in prostitution, there was a minor. The age of other girls fluctuated from 18 to 25 years. Thanks to activities of staff of Department for fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking in the Nikolaev area the scheme of criminal business of the pimp Ekaterina and her accomplice Pavel was exposed.

Concerning Ekaterina and Pavel criminal case on ч.2 by Art. 303 of KK of Ukraine - "A pimping or retraction of the person in occupation by prostitution" is brought. Now hunters behind easy money are expected by imprisonment for a period of 4 till 7 years.


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