Addicts in Nikolayevshchina became younger – drugs withdraw even from school students

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In Southern Truth newspaper editorial office the hot telephone line took place on August 14. Questions of residents and journalists were answered by the head of department on fight against a drug trafficking Vitaly Kuratev.

Along with questions to the militiaman, citizens also told about two points of sale of drugs. Vitaly Kuratev promised that since Monday will raise this question on control. However what is the time from field investigators will occupy narcobrothel elimination, difficult to answer. The main problem consists in documenting an offense. Often on it one month leaves not. According to the head of department, there was a case when on documenting six months left. However as a result from the guilty confiscated the house, and the addicts involved in business, put.

Lyubov Ivanovna who called by phone of the hot line, told where Roma trade in drugs. UBNON, naturally, will deal with this issue. However it is important to emphasize that Roma is separate and quite problem subject. After all today they live in Ukraine, and tomorrow - already in Poland or other country. Moreover, to find out, what surname the detained Gipsy - the whole history has. Often detainee call one surname, his acquaintances - the second, and mother - a third.

Since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area 1 271 narcocrime, in the city of Nikolaev - 435 is recorded. From them: sale of drugs on area - 320 facts (around the city - 104); the maintenance of brothels - 112 on area (8 around the city); inducement to the use of drugs - 32 (2); drug labs (in them cook drugs) - 4 (2); plundering of drugs - 1; storage of drugs - 744 (305).

- In the territory of rural areas marihuana, poppy straws and acetylated opium are the most widespread, - Vitaly Kuratev reported. - And in the city generally use amphetamine, a methadone, трамадол.

Thus the cheapest drug can be bought for 60-70 hryvnias. There is 1 milliliter of opium so much. Other drugs - much more expensive. For example, a glass of poppy straws (50 g) - 200-250 hryvnias; marihuana boxes (3-4 g) - 100-120 hryvnias;метамфитамин, amphetamine (1 tablet) - 350 - 500 hryvnias, 1 tablet of ecstasy - 120-170 hryvnias; 1 g of heroin - from 750 hryvnias to 100 dollars; 1 g of cocaine - to 150 dollars; 1 tablet of a methadone - 80 hryvnias; 10 capsules трамадола - from 120 hryvnias.

Thus, to receive some drugs, it isn't obligatory to look for the supplier - they can be welded and most.

- For example, heroin can be made today in house conditions, - the chief УБНОНа told. - Its quality, of course, not such, as at foreign drug. But sell at the same price.

Nevertheless, the Nikolaev militiamen detain also distributors of foreign drugs. For example, in June the Organized Crime Control Department detained the car which transported drugs from Germany.

Besides, Vitaly Kuratev reported that today addicts became younger, than were several years ago.

As of August in medical institutions of area 5 437 addicts, from them minors - 38 (around the city - 19) are registered.

Among pupils 42 facts of illegal drug trafficking are elicited. In these crimes of 27 people are brought to trial.

Since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area 844 persons, around the city - 314 are made responsible for commission of the crimes connected with drugs. Thus 51 crimes committed by addicts (without including narcocrimes), are classified as heavy.


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