The ex-the chief of the Nikolaev regional militia Anatoly Naumenko: "Thieves on "Arselore" suffice"

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The militia says that with it don't allow to work, and on a promgigant accuse "a gang of metalworkers".

In a notorious affair about beating of heads of former "Krivorozhstal" still there is no clarity. As the chief of regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairsadmitted to usAnatoly Naumenko, he keeps this business under personal control. However, he doesn't consider case of attack unknown on "Arselor's" at once three managers especially resonant. "We have every year many such affairs. For example, murderers shoot the whole families and these murders still remain unsolved", - the general - the major notices.

Besides, to the chief militiaman of area to eat than throw into a kitchen garden and directors. For example, "concealment" from militia of thieves who steal metal from the territory of plant and which the administration suspects of attack on the managers Alexander Zozulyu and Vladimir Sheremet. ""Arselor's" administration didn't work to transfer us any certificates or materials on the theft facts, - Anatoly Naumenko complains. - They speak about thefts much, but don't declare them, don't transfer us these detainees their external protection of thieves", - the head of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs cuts off. "But we will surely understand a situation. Thieves there suffice and it is necessary to work with them", - the general - the major told.

At the same time the general director "Arselora" Jean Joue continues to declare that most likely, beating in bits at Alexander Zozuli's entrance which happened one and a half months ago, attack from a shot-gun of the car of one of managers - Hindus and explosion in Vladimir Sheremet's yard - work of notorious criminal group of "metalworkers". The last two attacks, we will remind, did without blood - to the Hindu damaged a car tank, besides, openings from fraction were found for the second day. And when into Sheremet's yard threw the grenade, glasses of his three-storyed house suffered from explosion only - the manager and his relatives of the house then wasn't. But nevertheless, directors already seriously are afraid for the life and already were in time publicly will address in all competent and incompetent authorities - in militia, SBU, the regional state administration. "Arselor's" managers ask militiamen to take measures and to detain unknown robbers, and also to ensure safety of life and health to employees of the enterprise.


Half a year was executed from the date of Anatoly Naumenko's appointment to a post of the head of militia of the Dnepropetrovsk area. By recognition the general - the major, these six months were hard not only for it, but also for all militia of Dnepropetrovshchina which had to investigate a number of resonant crimes - an arson of the slot machine hall, excitements in the Manganese, caused by murder of the militiaman, attempt at managers of "Krivorozhstal".

Investigation of all these affairs still proceeds. And according to the tragedy in "Metrodzhekpot" the general has the personal opinion, but didn't begin to sound his Naumenko. "We fulfill all versions. Examination established that there was a flood of fuels and lubricants, but experts can't establish who and when poured", - the general - the major speaks and adds that valuable evidences were given by one of victims in this tragedy and the consequence decided to return to these indications. Working over investigation of the resonant crimes, the general new to area had as well to adapt for new conditions. In Dnepropetrovsk, according to Anatoly Naumenko, higher intellectual level of people, besides at the city powerful "patrons" - large business - structures.

"They in the very first days tried to influence my personnel decisions, - Anatoly Naumenko remembers, - however to press on me is useless - I submit to only the minister", - the general cuts off. - I placed shots itself - I left 98% of local militiamen". Ill-wishers in the first months even tried to loosen under it a chair. But Naumenko considers, difficult "to dig" under him, after all general shoulder straps are earned by mind and work. The chief militiaman and the earnings doesn't hide. "I receive from 8 to 10 thousand hryvnias a month. However, the wife, working as the manager, earns twice more. She together with the daughter lives in Kiev", - Anatoly Naumenko speaks. And he lives now in a departmental hostel in five minutes of walking from management. Official car at it one - while "Toyota". The driver carries out also functions of the security guard.


The chief militiaman of Dnepropetrovshchina very much loves pets. In a family at the general the speaking parrot, an English cat and a small doggie which the big general designates "Angry very much" got accustomed. The chief militiaman reads in free time. Loves Gashek, Bulgakov and historical novels. Musical tastes are traditional - Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru.In all areas where headed militia, I created musical ensembles. The last - "The Dneprovsky guard".

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