Rules of commenting on a site

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We respect your right for own opinion, but we reserve our right for removal or editing of comments.

Unreasonable, aggressive comments to edition, authors, persons about whom there is a speech in articles on a site are edited or removed.

When writing the comment we ask you to consider the following:

Certainly it is forbidden:

- To use in comments an offensive language (mat), including - with replacement of letters with various badges or the whole words their accords. If your thoughts can't be expressed without mat - most likely, these thoughts at all shouldn't have been expressed;

- To offend in comments of other visitors, people and the organization. Insults - not a reason for discussion and not a discussion element. Express in fact discussed article, instead of persons, it making comments or in it mentioned;

- To add the comments having advertizing character, and also to add references to others the Internet resources. Concerning advertizing address in commercial service of the Portal;

- To add the comments entirely consisting of capital letters. The text which has been issued in this way, on the Internet is equated to shout. Try to draw attention of users of the Portal interesting thoughts, instead of shout;

- To add the comments kindling international, religious or other discord;

- Public insult, discrediting of the state and other national languages, the hostility sermon on the language soil.

- Distribution of obviously false fabrications dishonoring another person (slander).

- Promotion of political party, other public association, religious organization or fund.

- Violence promotion.

- Promotion of the use of narcotic substances, alcoholic drinks.

Moderators reserve the right to delete any comments which aren't meeting the specified requirements.Moderators don't make comments on the actions and don't discuss them with users.

All these rules work and during carrying out the Internet - conferences.


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