In memory of the law enforcement officers who have lost at execution …

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On August 20 at 9.30 the staff of the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs will honor memory of the of use, official duties which have lost at execution, and will assign flowers to a memorable sign which is on crossing of streets of Decembrists and Spasskaya.

About feats of people who put the lives, protecting our city, told in TsOSE Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

They took the Oath...

On February 14, 1995 three employees of a separate battalion patrulno - sentry duty of the Nikolaev Municipal Government of militia the foremanMikhail Dushko, staff sergeantsYury LysenkoandVictor Kosarevserved on protection of a public order. Patrolling the central city street, employees paid attention to persons who, in their opinion, can be dangerous to people around. After all for the militiaman the main thing - to be near people, and in case of need always to come them to a rescue.

The attention of militiamen was drawn by the man in a camouflage jacket. The behavior of the passerby was not absolutely adequate, appearance raised doubts in reliability of the citizen. In a hand at it I was big road a bag.

Having approached to the stranger and having presented, militiamen asked it to provide documents which could prove the identity. The man refused, having explained nothing and without having learned the reasons of his stop, tried to depart from militiamen.

Employees invited the citizen to pass with them in regional department for an identification, on what it again refused. His behavior I became more and more nervous. On external signs the passerby was in an alcohol intoxication therefore militiamen made the decision to detain him and to deliver in the Central regional department of militia.

At this time by on the patrol car the commander passed the SHOUTING of traffic police of UGAI NSU the militia captainZadoyan Pyotr Antonovichand inspector SHOUTING of traffic police of UGAI NSU militia sergeantSimonov Andrey Adolfovich. Having seen that on the central street there is a conflict situation, employees of GAI stopped the car and, having decided to help colleagues, approached to them.At this momentKosarevandLysenkoalready held hands of the detainee, and Dushko got the gun "Beretta" in which shop there were six cartridges from an inside pocket of a jacket of the malefactor.

For continuation of carrying out external survey the man brought to the patrol car from the passenger party.Nice fellowI askedKosarevato get handcuffs. At the same moment the criminal unexpectedly released the right hand, snatched out from - under jackets the RG-42 manual grenade and teeth pulled out a ring with the chick. Having seen it,SimonovI started pushing away people who gathered around to the car and watched events.

Having heard hissing of a fuse and understanding inevitability of explosion of the grenade, the commander of a separate company of GAIZadoyanI seized the criminal by a hand in which there was a grenade, trying not to give the chance to the malefactor to throw it into crowd, andKosarev,Nice fellowandLysenkocontinued to hold the malefactor. The bodies militiamen prevented scattering of fragments of the grenade which exploded.

Having assumed explosion, militiamen got numerous severe wounds. Militia captainZadoyanI survived after explosion, but I got heavy injuries of the head and I lost endings of hands.Victor KosarevandYury Lysenkoof the got injuries soon died in hospital during operation.

Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineTo Zadoyan P. A.the special rank "militia lieutenant colonel",is appropriatedMusty smell M. V.- "senior warrant officer" and order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineTo Kosarev V. P.andLysenko Yu. G.special ranks "militia lieutenant" (posthumously) are appropriated.

For the shown courage and heroism in fight against criminals and nuisancers, at protection of life and health of citizens of a surname of staff of law-enforcement bodies - militiamen of the first company of a separate battalion patrulno - sentry duty of militia of NSU of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area of the militia lieutenant Kosarev V.P. and the militia lieutenant Lysenko Yu.G. it is included in "The book of memory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine".

Militiamen, accepting Oath of allegiance to Ukraine and its people, we are ready to serve faithfully for the sake of the Homeland and always to stand guard the Law. Realizing what exactly from them, from police officers, depends safety of life of citizens, they are always ready to get up on the road of malefactors and


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