The hackneyed guy lay on the central street of Ochakovo some hours. Any passerby didn't approach to him

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Business was in the summer evening and the resident of Ochakovo Alexander decided "to walk" on hometown streets. Fires of night bars attracted, to the people there was quite a lot, but the young man coming almost into each institution, located on the central street, didn't find acquaintances. And alone there was no wish to while away time behind a bar little table. Though in each bar it ordered to itself(himself) a certain dose of alcohol. At last - that Alexander saw two visually familiar guys who invited him for the little table. Behind a small bottle of "strong drinks" the man-to-man talk suddenly gathered an unexpected turn, guys started communicating with voices raised. Everyone proved the point of view, disagreeing with opinion of another. Other visitors of an institution started doing to them remarks and children, having drunk up the last bottle, went outside and there continued quarrel. Fists were put to use. Alexander hit Pavel with such force that that fell. But in the answer and Sasha received blow from Yury, the friend Pavel. Guys started beating Alexander and forces were obviously not equal.

Having beaten "companion" to such an extent that that fainted, Pavel with Yura took away from Sasha 50 hryvnias and the mobile phone, and went on houses.

After a while the victim recovered. Having regained consciousness from cold, he saw that lies on the earth. The guy lay on the central street of Ochakovo where each five minutes by him there passed people, but any person didn't take an interest why the young guy on asphalt lies. Though it was possible to determine by appearance that it is beaten.

Alexander rose, felt weakness and went home. By the evening to Sasha it became very bad and to it called the Ambulance. Medics made the diagnosis: cherepno - a brain trauma and multiple bruises. Employees of hospital reported about this fact in militia.

At present Alexander is in hospital. And concerning Pavel and Yura the decision on initiation of legal proceedings as article 186 ч.2 by UK of Ukraine - "Robbery" is made.


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