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Expensively I paid for the trustfulness 58 - summer Pavel Voykhevich, having temporarily issued on the acquaintance Vera Byazyreva bought them in the suburban village the house. "The new hostess" not only violated the oral arrangement on household renewal, but also managed to forge against it criminal case.

First try, then trust!

We will tell directly: there was no destiny at Pavel Petrovich as he wanted. In the past the excellent athlete, the professional photographer, the good family man, apparently, that else is necessary for happiness. However life, as they say, cracked. The family broke up when the wife left "for earnings" to Italy, there and remained, and two sons didn't justify fatherly hope. A few years ago Pavel lost the younger son: the guy was lost tragicly.

Having received a share due to it from sale of the parental house, Pavel decided to get a small lodge in the country, having left the city housing to the eldest son. Besides, earning additionally by personal truck during harvest in the village Estuaries, he looked after one inexpensive rural lodge, even an earnest gave to owners in 200 euros. When came to make out to the notary the purchase and sale contract, it became clear that purchase of the house requires a consent of the wife of Pavel who for that time was in Italy. Not to miss the lodge which has attracted to it, besides, at that time housing prices promptly spread up, Pavel decides to issue it on one acquaintance, once they together worked - Vera Byazyreva. Thus orally stipulate that at divorce registration with the wife it will renew the house on itself(himself). On it also stopped. Vera Ilyinichna had the apartment in the Ship area and lived there with the adult daughter. To sellers Androshchukam, in principle, was all the same on whom the buyer will issue the house bought from them, the main thing that Pavel paid off with them the sum which stipulated earlier - seven thousand hryvnias. The transaction took place on October 28, 2004. Androshchukam for house purchase in the presence of the notary gave money Pavel Voykhevich, and his figurehead - Vera Byazyreva, only was present at this procedure. For formalities.

Was - yours, became - ours …

At once after household purchase Pavel Petrovich went to the village where the former owners handed over it keys from the house down the street to Limanskaya, 14 and left back home. In spite of the fact that the bought house in appearance was small, ancient pise-walled construction, however in addition to it there was a good piece of the earth with a total area of 35 hundred parts. So to be developed here was where. Pavel at once was engaged in house repair, improvement. However for a salary of the director детско - good repair you won't make junior school of the Olympic reserve where Pavel Petrovich at that time worked. It was necessary to take тренерско - teaching side jobs: in total - a powerful additive to the main salary. All investments were made in house improvement.

Time went. The wife from Italy wasn't going to come back therefore didn't agree to divorce. The belief lived in the city apartment, sometimes on days off it came to the village. It and isn't surprising, after all the house was bought on it. The belief gradually issued a household as it is necessary, in BTI, in village council registered to the address: Limanskaya St., 14.

And in May, 2007, secretly from Pavel Petrovich, I privatized the land plot. On itself. A bit later in court she will claim that, allegedly, Pavel "declined her to cohabitation" though it categorically denies this statement.

When, at last - that, an official divorce with the spouse was got, Pavel addressed to Vera to renew on it the house as earlier agreed. The belief refused. And that it was more convincing that the house belongs to it, she got over there to live, having left the city apartment of the daughter with the child. Pavel filed a lawsuit the statement of claim against an otsuzhdeniye of the house bought them, reasoning witnessing of the former owners and the notary.

- When the court started consideration of my business, Vera in every possible way began to provoke me. I waited that I hit it, and then, through militia, I wanted to make responsible and thus to turn out me. On July 29, 2007, when I worked at a kitchen garden: I repaired a fence, it ran up behind and nearly didn't knock on the head the heavy drill, I evaded in time. Then she grabbed rolling with a row an old dirty boot and with all force threw in me, having got to occipital part, why at me the head at once began to spin, and I fell. Having slightly departed from blow, I went to the city to the sister Valentina and at once went to hospital as the head very much hurt.However on it Vera didn't stop: in the apartment of the sister where I temporarily lodged, night calls from Vera's office number with threats in our address began to be distributed.

The fellows villager living nearby in the neighbourhood with Pavel Voykhevich, claim that the neighbor was very intelligent person, never to anybody didn't row, it not that to offend the woman, a mosquito won't touch, for 3 years of residence in the village they well studied it.

The best method of protection - attack

The forensic medical examination stated at Pavel Voykhevich grazes in a face and a trunk. These damages as the doctor - the expert of forensic medicine S. Pavlov writes, could be formed from action of stupid subjects, of the blow and sliding mechanism, probably, under the circumstances specified by Voykhevich. On severity these injuries, the expert concluded, treat category of slight injuries.

Further events developed, as in the extremely topical detective movie.

After the first court session where it is seized a disputable household, on September 6, 2007 Vera Ilyinichna is urgently written out in village council.

Like a bolt from the blue there was for Pavel a message of the judge Loktionova on one of court sessions about existence of the resolution of the regional prosecutor D. Stoykov about excitement against it criminal case upon beating … Vera Byazyreva. Notice, it was October, 2007. As it appeared, his "acquaintance" wrote the application that, allegedly, on July 30, 2007 in her house Pavel cruelly beat her. The certificate of the forensic scientist dated … on October 2, 2007, of drawing injuries of average weight was attached to the statement by it.

How so, Pavel thought, I after that "attack" in the village never appeared on July 29? And why expertize is carried out later … 64 days (! ? ) after a nonexistent event specified by Vera? I began to understand. Also it became clear that Vera Byazyreva according to the reference received on demand in NGZ where she worked as the dispatcher, since July 30, 2007 regularly went to the period for work, without having passed any day. Besides, as reported its management, it was deprived of bonuses for frequent night calls to working hours on phone of the sister of Pavel. And that the most characteristic, Byazyreva specifies in the statement in prosecutor's office that, allegedly, was beaten by Voykhevich on July 30, actually this day it was present on a workplace.Strange, but the prosecutor's office took it the word, so to speak, without having found time to check the specified facts at all. Evil tongues stir what exactly in Zhovtnevy prosecutor's office and advise Byazyreva as it is correct "to fool" Pasha Voykhevich and to take away from him the house. Say, "under the law" that the mosquito of a nose didn't undermine. But sooner or later deception comes to light. And in the case of "criminal" Voykhevich flaws began to appear: that examination doesn't coincide with dates, the application in the militia, written by Byazyreva "backdating", it was in militia not so not registered. Probably, "consultants" didn't expect such self-defense from Pavel.

So, criminal case was quite transparent. Nevertheless, it took away TWO year of life of Pavel Petrovich. Its health very much reeled: it became similar to the old man, and to it only 58 years. Those who knew it once, simply couldn't recognize in it Pashka Voykhevich, once the cheerful and cheerful person. Sharply sight fell: he had to be treated several times in ophthalmologic hospital. Doctors recommend to lead a quiet life, not to be nervous.

After Voykhevich's complaints in the Prosecutor General's Office criminal case concerning Pavel Voykhevich it seems as is stopped because of a nadokazannost. However, considering circumstances under which it opened, it has no confidence that it won't emerge again. With whom the devil doesn't joke when God sleeps …

Instead of an epilog

In two years Voykhevich had to pass a great lot of judicial proceedings. There was a court of the first instance - the judge of Zhovtnevy raynny court Loktionova refused to it the claim about recognition of the contract of purchase and sale of the house invalid, however board of judges of appellate court under predsedatelsvy P. Lysenko nevertheless saw that Pavel Voykhevich arrived carelessly and recommended to submit the new statement of claim with other requirements. The new claim was considered by the judge L.Semenova who was solidary with the previous colleague and also passed the decision to refuse to Voykhevich the claim. And that is characteristic, the representative of human rights organization Vladimir Zhiltsov who intended to protect Voykhevich's interests, on a court session didn't allow. And regional prosecutor's office according to the same Zhiltsov's address here five months (! ? ) checks legality of issue of the suspicious act of a forensic medical examination of 2.10.07 гр. Byazyreva. And everything is ineffectual.The human rights organization in which Voykhevich asked for a legal aid, patiently waits for the official reply of prosecutor's office to address in bureau is judicial - medical examination for purpose of independent commission investigation upon legality of receiving by the citizen Byazyreva of the act of SME. After reaction to the complaint concerning inaction of the regional prosecutor Dmitry Stoykov, sent to the regional prosecutor, the human rights activist intends to address in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.

The appellate court on a disputable household yet didn't render the verdict: consideration is appointed to September first.

Despite everything, Pavel Petrovich nevertheless believes in justice that it will triumph. Also put here any more in the money stolen fraudulently, and is much more serious: why the prosecutor's office - government body which has to provide supervision of observance of laws in interests of the rights and freedoms of the person, in this case supported the offender?

And the last. Publications in "NB" ignore on - to a miscellaneous. One pretend that it at all wasn't, others file a lawsuit against the newspaper, the third will silently read and will modestly keep silent, only separate correct a situation. It is necessary to pay tribute to the regional Department of Internal Affairs: with arrival of the new management on all critiques of "NB" their immediate reaction follows. There was a wish that also the regional prosecutor's office adopted at colleagues good experience from mass media. Exactly there we also direct this publication with hope for objective reaction. Well, and in the matter of Voykhevich edition of "NB" will hold a course of expansion of further events on control, and our readers learn about them first of all.



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